Employee Recognition

As part of its international development, Renault Group Romania has improved its evaluation, recognition and reward system by implementing the Talent@Renault process and computer application, to make it global, fair and competitive.


Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation is based on the permanent dialogue between managers and staff and is formalised within the annual evaluation. The staff's workplace performance is evaluated based on clearly defined criteria for each objective agreed. To ensure a better coherence and equity within the company, the manager's appraisal is always completed with appraisals by members of an Evaluation Committee.

Performance recognition based on the same global evaluation criteria underlies the remuneration policy.

The remuneration system is transparent and fair, taking into consideration staff performance, the job's responsibility level as well as the labour market benchmarks as indicated by specialised studies.

Renault Romania Group is constantly concerned with increasing staff motivation, so that they can feel appreciated and rewarded for their contribution to the company performance.

Employees are part of the entire Group's success, therefore their contribution is also rewarded by bonuses based on the global financial results, in addition to personal performance.