Outstanding results
  • Automobile Dacia is today the most important company in Romania
  • With its role in the local economy, Dacia established itself as a structuring factor of the Romanian economy, with a significant weight in the GDP (3%) and in the country’s exports (7%).
  • In 50 years, Dacia has switched from the status of local brand to that of international brand, in continuous expansion.
  • Dacia is considered the best ambassador Romania has industrially and commercially.
  • Dacia has become a car brand in the true sense of the term, with a full range, covering the most important segments of the market.
  • Dacia has conquered customers from 44 countries through attractive, quality models at the best price.
  • A successful carmaker (Global Access) with an important role in the success of the strategic plan of Groupe Renault, “Drive the Future”.
  • Commercial performance (+650,000 units in 2017).
  • Varied industrial dimension with plants in Romania, Morocco and Algeria.
  • Employees’ talent and professionalism turned Dacia into a symbol of quality and performance.
  • There is a variety of recruitment offers for different specializations: market studies, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain, sales, business services and financing.
  • An active and passionate community of 5 million fans on social networks
  • 99% of Romanians have heard about Dacia

Dacia, the best ambassador Romania has industrially and commercially, is present in 44 countries, and on 4 continents

Outstanding results

Dacia sales represent 3% of the country's GDP and 7% of exports


The fastest growing brand in the EU in 2016


An active and passionate community of 5 million fans on social networks

Îţi mulţumim pentru vizită, însă website-ul gruprenault.ro urmează să se închidă. Infomaţiile de pe acest website sunt disponibile pe alte platforme online:

Pentru informaţii despre marca Dacia şi compania Automobile Dacia, vizitează: https://www.dacia.ro/despre-dacia.html iar pentru comunicate şi materiale de presă Dacia mergi la: https://www.dacia.ro/noutati.html

Pentru informaţii despre marca Renault şi Renault Group, vizitează https://www.renault.ro/marca-etichete-renault.html iar pentru comunicate şi materiale de presă Renault mergi la: https://www.renault.ro/noutati.html

Pentru solicitare adeverințe pentru pensionare/recalculare pensie accesaţi: https://adeverinte-dacia.ro/

Informaţiile legale şi cele despre acţionariat, le găsești pe: https://www.dacia.ro/despre-dacia/juridic.html

Informaţii despre proiectele şi iniţiativele de responsabilitate socială ale Dacia în România sunt disponibile pe: https://www.kilometrulbine.ro/

Informaţii despre carieră, posturile disponibile, stagiile de practică, programele pentru elevi şi studenţi sunt reunite pe: https://www.cariererenaultgroup.ro/
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