Groupe Renault Romania Foundation supports community involvement projects that meet the CSR strategy of Groupe Renault Romania, a strategy called MOBILIZE.

It sums up our contribution to the construction of a just and sustainable society under the slogan

We mobilize for a better world”.

The foundation has two main activity areas: MOBILITY (inclusion, sustainable mobility), and ACCESS TO ART AND CULTURE (cinema, contemporary art, and French culture)



    We help build a society in which all are accepted and can have the necessary means for development.


We actively support cultural and gender diversity since diversity is a real source of development.


We bring solutions to current social problems by supporting mobility projects that have a strong social impact.


We encourage equal opportunities to education, we stand by communities in trouble, we organize internships, and we develop partnerships with Romanian universities


    We want to have an environment with breathing air. To ride safely, to take ecology seriously, to make ENVIRONMENT and ROAD SAFETY 2 priorities of the everyday life.


We create a better environment for all of us by supporting cleaning, plantation or waste collection activities.


We get involved in road safety campaigns and we run partnerships with emergency inspectorates in order to raise awareness and responsible driving behavior. 

  • Access to Art and Culture

    Art and culture grant us access to a more harmonious universe, to innovation and creativity. That is why we decided to encourage artists, projects and initiatives from the fields of cinema, French culture or contemporary art.


We support and promote cinema, we appreciate talent and the results of our films.



Innovation, creativity, emotion, imaginative concepts or access to education are only part of our shared values.


We discover and support artists who help us translate emotionally our colleagues’ passion for the automotive.The plant inspires passion, art inspires our industry.



    People and their environment is what unites us all. That is why we bring together the interesting stories of our people: volunteers who help around, Groupe Renault Romania employees that bring changes and look for answers beyond the obvious, partners from various fields, teams passionate about off-road or, simply, artists that emotionally translate the industrial environment from the Mioveni plant. Come discover them!

Marius Furceanu

We gathered in the same place to do some good – interview with Marius Furceanu - Groupe Renault Romania employee

Diana-Damaris Cristurean

Everything around me inspires me – interview with Diana-Damaris Cristurean, Young Talents  2018

Anca & Mr. Gheorghe

If you don’t love yourself, definitely you don’t love anybody| Anca & Mr. Gheorghe [Workshops without Borders]


Life is about finding your place – interview with OTILIA BALINT


    In order to suggest a project, please first make sure that it fits our areas of development. Then, send us your proposal (description, presentation, objectives, and budget) at csr@renault.com. We will reply as soon as possible.


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