Dacia and Renault Technologie Roumanie, “True Leaders”, at ICAP GALA

  • Dacia and Renault Technologies Roumanie (RTR) were awarded the "True Leaders" distinction from ICAP Group, a leading provider of business services in South Eastern Europe. During the third edition of the True Leaders Gala, 40 companies in Romania, business and entrepreneurial examples, were rewarded with this prize. They met the measurable criteria and the objectives considered in the selection, such as: they are included in top 500 most profitable companies - according to the EBITDA financial indicator; have an increase in the number of employees (2017 vs 2016); are leaders in their business sector and have a high ICAP Credit Score (AI - A2).

    Alexander Simionescu, General Manager RTR, at the event, spoke on behalf of over 17,000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania: "Those who generate 3% of Romania's GDP, who manufacture cars that conquer the Romanian and international markets. We have the entire value chain in our group, all the activities necessary to be "true leaders", to design and manufacture cars in our country. We will be, as we were for 50 years, and from now on, always in the hearts of the Romanians."