• Out of care and respect for the environment, employees of Groupe Renault Romania participated in a volunteering activity, at its future office building, Renault Bucharest Connected. Together with “We Plant Good Deeds Romania” and the developer Elgan Offices (company owned by Globalworth and Elgan Group), partners in this initiative, they planted maple, linden and lilac saplings. Thus, an ideal area for relaxing and being in nature will show up. In the yard of the future office building that will be inaugurated in 2019, all company employees from Bucharest will benefit from the small forest in the city, planted by their colleagues.

    “This is my third volunteering experience. Together with other volunteers, colleagues, old and new friends, we planted lilac, linden and maple trees at the new office building. We laid the foundation for a green area that we’ll benefit from year after year”, declared Ionuț Petcu, employee Renault Technologie Roumanie.

    “The time spent by Groupe Renault Romania employees, as well as the involvement of the company are two precious resources that we want to benefit from on the long run. For 2019, we already have a calendar of activities that we’ll make known at the beginning of the planting season, in March. We hope that the winter snow will insure a good start for the saplings that we planted, and will make RBC more beautiful”, Simona Camburu, fundraising coordinator from “We Plant Good Deeds Romania”

    “Renault Bucharest Connected was designed and built in respect of the environment, according to the highest standards of energetic efficiency, in order to offer an increased level of wellbeing to the employees. For instance, natural light gets in the building through two large atriums, and through the implementation of the latest generation technology, energy consumption was considerably reduced. Moreover, we wanted the yard to be special too, with plenty of green, where Groupe Renault Romania employees can relax and spend time together. And we are happy that the green initiative started from their colleagues to whom we could offer support”, Georgiana Oltenescu, Head of Marketing and Communication, Globalworth, said.