Moving Clouds preview. Decebal Scribal

  • Groupe Renault Romania supported the opening of the “Moving Clouds” exhibition, the first Decebal Scriba personal exhibition, at the Anca Poterașu Gallery, in Bucharest, curated by Ami Barak.

    At the beginning of the 70’s in Bucharest, Decebal Scriba (born in 1944), was one of the most striking and innovative key figures. His experiments are seen now as an integral part of the avant-garde tradition, this key moment of the post-war art history. Over the 70’s-80’s, Decebal Scriba is the author of a substantial corpus of elaborated works, with a conceptual and performative approach, dealing with formal and textual language problems, with an analysis of the spatial representation system or of some gesture and symbolic forms. Through performance,  a medium that suited the Eastern Europe underground context, the essence of gestures and actions has been exalted and dissolved in “memory clouds”.

    The title of the exhibition isn’t linked to a project carried out in Trafalgar Square, in London, when the audience could send short messages, words that would then appear on screens of smoke. Nor is it an allusion to data storage in the cloud, a very popular method nowadays. It’s a poetic attempt of rehabilitation of the memory of some moments, from which fragments have remained, dispersed here and there, in order to bring them into a single and same place for the exhibition.

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