The End of the Year Under the Sign of Volunteering And Good Deeds at Groupe Renault Romania


    • Groupe Renault Romania Foundation in partnership with Dacia Automobiles donated to the MagiCamp association a Renault Traffic utilitary vehicle.
    • Melania Medeleanu, founder and Chairwoman of MagiCamp, has made an official opening to the initiatives of the Group’s employee and their good deeds from the week Days with Magic by hosting a conference entitled ’Magic is something we make’.
    • The fair Goodness and Goodies gathered employees from Bucharest, Mioveni, Oarja and Titu who overpass each other in preparing home made products.
    • 330 children with economic hardships had been written letters to Santa Claus, letters which arrived in the postal boxes of Renault Bucharest Connected and Titu Technical Centre through the association Save the Children. The trunks of Renault and Dacia vehicles got filled up with the long dreamed presents which were delivered to schools from Bucharest and Dâmbovița.
    • 500 employees had brought their children at their workplace to enjoy a day spent  visiting the headquarter and participate in diverse activities with recreational and educational characteristics.



    December brought joy not only to over 18 000 employees at Groupe Renault Romania and to their children, but especially to the children with oncologic conditions who are in economic hardships or with no material prospects. In the week suggestive entitled ’Days with Magic’ Global Access’ teams were touched and got together, organizing an entire campaign consisting of volunteering and good deeds.  Global Access is Romania’s ambassador which is contributing to the success of a whole range of vehicles. ’Days with Magic’ was under the sign of generosity and responsability towards the communities where the Groupe is present.

    ’’At the meeting with the friends from Groupe Renault I was afraid of tears again. No matter the perspective from which I would tell the story of MagiCamp, it still has a tinge of powerful emotional charge. Every time I see people crying in the audience, I’m afraid that they will leave the room in sadness. At the end of a conference a young woman came to me and told me that MagiCamp is hope and that my stories made her feel that she can be part of this hope. Thank you for your support, Renault! And I thank to each one from the audience who wanted to find out more about us.’’, declared Melania Medeleanu.


    The conference ’’Magic is something we make’’ was live streamed by Bucharest Connected so that the participants from Mioveni and Titu to interact with each other


    The Transportation of Children with Oncologic Conditions in Renault Trafic

    The children with oncologic conditions from MagiCamp retreat (Dâmbovița county, Brănești) can be carried from hospital to their homes with Renault Trafic, donated by Groupe Renault Romania Foundation in partnership with Dacia Automobiles. Since 2014 MagiCamp association through the camps that they are organizing has as a sole objective to make the kids whose childhood was stolen by cancer joyfull again.



    The Fair that Gives to Children the Hope to a Healthy Life

    Each year the company organizes charitable fairs. The funds raised by these fairs are given to social causes from the field of health population. The hardworking employees from Renault Bucharest Connected, industrial platform from Mioveni and from the Spare Parts Centre Oarja along with the ones from Titu Technical Center have prepared a diversity of dishes and home made products. The raised funds were donated to MagiCamp association.


    Door Open Day for Children (3+) at Renault Bucharest Connected and Titu Technical Center

    The two Atriums, the Auditorium, Imaginarium and Creative Lab from Renault Bucharest Connected have become for a day spaces for coloring, reading, creative programming, RD printing and robots demonstrations. The same mood has been set to Titu Technical Center where the kids have explored the runways for testing as well. The 500 childrens accompanied by their parents and volunteers took part in the thematic workshops and sang seasonal carols under the guidance of a group of employees passionate about music and musical instruments.



    The Trunk with Gifts

    330 employees from Renault Bucharest Connected and Titu Technical Center talked to Santa Claus and fulfilled the wishes of the children from  Cantacuzino National College, Târgoviște, School nr 1 Saint Princes, School 181, School 127 from Bucharest. The kids are from families with hardships and they wrote letters to Santa which were delivered with the help of the association Save the Children.



    The Technological Highschool of Construction of Cars Has Been Equiped by Dacia with  YuMi the Robot

    YuMi the robot, one of the robots of the future in auto industry, is present from this month among the equipment of the laboratories from the Technological Highschool of Construction of Cars from Mioveni. Dacia Automobiles donated a collaborative robot to the highschool afore mentioned which celebrated this year 50 years of existence.

    Dacia Automobiles signed off on a partnership with the highschools and local authorities (the City Halls of  Mioveni and Pitești) for the start-up and support of some vocational classes. At the end of the internships held by Dacia industrial platform from Mioveni the students get qualifications in professions such as: operator on cars numerically controlled, tool and die making, worker in electromechanics for machinery and industrial appliances, mechanic for hydraulic and pneumatic equipments, welder, electrical engineer etc.

    In the school year 2018-2019, 60 pupils took part in specialized internships while for 2019-2020 another 213 pupils (9th grade to 11th grade) will join the company.  




    Groupe Renault Romania

    Manufacturer of automobiles since 1898, Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and sold 3,9 millions vehicles in 2018. It relies on the complementarity of the five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and Lada), on the electric vehicle and on its unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. The Groupe relies on its development at an international level so that it accommodates to the grate forthcoming technological challanges and so that it  continues its strategy of cost-effective growth. Groupe Renault incorporates in Romania all the activities specific to the construction of automobiles action that led to a sustained economic performance and to a variety of recruitment offer for different specialisations: customer studies, design, engineering, testing, fabrication, logistics, marketing, business services, post sales, finance. In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania had a turnover of  5,7 milliard euros. Being the center of the Global Access range (part of which are the Dacia models, produced on the industrial platform from Mioveni) the Groupe is the leader of the local market with the brands Dacia and Renault. The 18.000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania bring innovation to the products and to the good practices. They are recognized for their professionalism.