The General Director of Groupe Renault Romania has been Designated Honorific Citizen of Mioveni City

  • Sunday, first of december, with the occasion of Romania’s National Day, Christophe Dridi, President CEO of Dacia and  General Director of Groupe Renault Romania, has been designated Honorific Citizen of Mioveni City.

    The distinction has been awarded  within a ceremony held at the city hall in the presence of the local authorities.

    ’We have a saying that Dacia vehicles are the ambassadors of Romania throughout the world. Up until now we have opened a total of 44 embassies. With grate joy I’m spending the National Day in the city where all these ambassadors are being prepared. Dacia is deeply anchored in romanians’ daily lives here, in the country. The honour that I’m getting today represents the duty that I have. That is the duty of representing Dacia at a mondial level and to make the company flourish in the romanian society.’, declared Christophe Dridi.



    Groupe Renault Romania

    Manufacturer of automobiles since 1898, Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and sold 3,9 millions vehicles in 2018. It relies on the complementarity of the five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and Lada), on the electric vehicle and on its unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. The Groupe relies on its development at an international level so that it accommodates to the grate forthcoming technological challanges and so that it  continues its strategy of cost-effective growth. Groupe Renault incorporates in Romania all the activities specific to the construction of automobiles action that led to a sustained economic performance and to a variety of recruitment offer for different specialisations: customer studies, design, engineering, testing, fabrication, logistics, marketing, business services, post sales, finance. In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania had a turnover of  5,7 milliard euros. Being the center of the Global Access range (part of which are the Dacia models, produced on the industrial platform from Mioveni) the Groupe is the leader of the local market with the brands Dacia and Renault. The 18.000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania bring innovation to the products and to the good practices. They are recognized for their professionalism.