Groupe Renault Romania Presents at Top Employers Twizy’s Adaptations Made by Romanian Students

  • A team of students from Romania won the prize for the best prototype at the competition “Twizy Contest” organized by Groupe Renault at a mondial scale. The concept can be seen at the booth of Groupe Renault Romania from Top Employers.
  • The Groupe comes to the biggest fair of recruitment with new career development opportunities: over 100 available jobs and 300 internships themes for students and grad students within the proram Drive Your Future.


<<InnovaTwizy>>  is a team of 6 students from Transylvania University of Brasov who got the prize <<Best Prototype>> at the international finale <<Twizy Contest>> from Paris, Technocentre. Having as an inspiration the quadricycle Renault Twizy, a model 100% electric, fit for the crowded urban space, the team submitted an innovative steering system on four wheels. This permits a higher maneuverability of the car: reduced turning radius, on diagonal, on sight rotation. <<Twizy Contest>> is a competition of technology and innovation organized at a mondial scale by Groupe Renault. At this competition took part 50 teams from 6 countries, <<Innova Twizy>> being one of the teams who reached the final.

“A successful project! Concrete implementation, completed through an educational result obtained on the basis of a project, a materialization which had at its core alternative methods of formation of the forthcoming people in charge with the technical solutions of the future. A complementary training which, apart from the technical details, included communication and financial support. This is the proof that the obstacles are made to be surpassed due to the collaboration between university and an important center of research such as Renault Techonologie Roumanie. This partnership is a success and a symbol of trust for further projects. A fascinating experience about how a blurry idea becomes a blueprint, then a colored picture on a computer and, in the end, a concrete, functional automobile which does what you least expect.”, declared Horia Abăităncei, professor coordinator of Innova Twizy team, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators (Transylvania University of Brașov).



“It’s a fascinating experience. We looked for solutions and changed them as we moved forward with the project. We didn’t stop until we saw the concrete result of our involvement as a team. What is unforgettable, beyond the contest’s experience and the debates with students from other countries, is the spontaneous group picture taken with all the teams gathered around our prototype.”, confessed Gabriel Popa, PhD student, member of Innova Twizy team (Transylvania University of Brașov).

The ones who want to enjoy a multicultural experience, full of development opportunities and flexibility at the work place are invited at the booth of Groupe Renault Romania from Top Employers (25-26 october) to apply for over 100 available positions in domains such as: Engineering, Digital, IT, Fabrication, Quality, Acquisitions, Supply Chain, Financial Field.

Students and grad students can apply for one of the 300 internship themes within the program Drive Your Future. They will have the possibility to get accustomed with the auto field and with the activities of Groupe Renault Romania within an unique study experience.

The offers are available on and on the online social platforms: Facebook at  Cariere Groupe Renault România, Instagram Groupe Renault Romania and  Linkedin.

More information about Renault Twizzy here.


Renault Bucharest Connected

From the mid-year 2019 , the teams of Groupe Renault Romania from Bucharest moved in an unique headquarter: Renault Bucharest Connected. The 3 200 employees have their field of action in the following domains: design, engineering, commerce, merketing, digital, IT, acquisitions, supply chain, financial field, consultancy, communication, judicial field, HR.

The new office is a space that enables the teams to give life to the creative ideas, to the innovative projects and to share their passions. Positioned in the west side of the capital the new building is near metro station and other means of public transportation. Moreover, it facilitates a grater mobility between different points of Bucharest and other company’s locations such as the Technical Center from Titu, the Industrial Platform from Mioveni. Appart from the office area there have been designed common leisure spaces. The employees benefit from the existence of a restaurant, 28 coffee points, a medical center, gym and an atrium with a capacity of 350 seats. In addition, on the ground floor is a Dacia Renault showroom especially for employees, while at the exterior is a parking lot with a capacity of 1000 spaces, special arias for parking the bicycles and the motorcycles  and charging stations for the electrical vehicles.

Renault Bucharest Connected is the first building from Romania that gets Green IFC certification with the mention „Excellency”. It was designed to offer to the Groupe’s employees work spaces at the highest level.




Groupe Renault Romania

Manufacturer of automobiles since 1898, Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and sold 3,9 millions vehicles in 2018. It relies on the complementarity of the five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and Lada), on the electric vehicle and on its unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. The Groupe relies on its development at an international level so that it accommodates to the grate forthcoming technological challanges and so that it  continues its strategy of cost-effective growth. Groupe Renault incorporates in Romania all the activities specific to the construction of automobiles action that led to a sustained economic performance and to a variety of recruitment offer for different specialisations: customer studies, design, engineering, testing, fabrication, logistics, marketing, business services, post sales, finance. In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania had a turnover of  5,7 milliard euros. Being the center of the Global Access range (part of which are the Dacia models, produced on the industrial platform from Mioveni) the Groupe is the leader of the local market with the brands Dacia and Renault. The 18.000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania bring innovation to the products and to the good practices. They are recognized for their professionalism.