The Industrial Platform Dacia from Mioveni is Now Verdant Due to Its Employees

  • During november, the employees of Dacia plants from Mioveni got together in a broader project of volunteering and planted 1000 seedlings (spruces, birches, red oaks, maples, poplars). The shrubs were chosen depending on the type of soil and in harmony with the greenery already existing.

    ’’We want to enhance the air’s quality on the platform and in Mioveni city. We want to take care of nature, of the environment, of ourselves and our children. In the last ten years, at the level of Groupe Renault Romania over 270 000 trees have been planted on the sites where we are holding our activities and where we have our communities. My advice is to be as sensitive to nature as you can and to spend as much time outdoors as you can, leaving something to grow behind you.’’, declared Christophe Dridi, president CEO of Dacia and General Manager of Groupe Renault Romania, who took part in the volunteering event held on the platform.

    Dacia Vehicles Plant

    Employees and clients are the center of Dacia Vehicles Plant’s transformations. It’s a modern plant, more adapted to changes with the majority of the processes of fabrication being automated. Along over five decades, the plant have been produced over 6,8 millions vehicles. Here were fabricated generations from 8 different models: Dacia 1100, Dacia 1300, Dacia Nova, Dacia SupeRNova, Dacia Solenza, Dacia Logan (with the versions of berlin, station wagon, furgon and pick-up), Dacia Sandero and Dacia Duster. Inside the same fabric are being produced parts and collections of parts necessary to the assemblance of the range Global Access in other plants of Groupe Renault from around the world. At the moment, one vehicle comes out once in 54 seconds from the editing strip and over 90% of the production is being exported.

    Mechanic and Chassis Dacia Plant

    The most complex plant at mondial level from the perspective of the processes and activities, belonging to Groupe Renault, encompasses a diversity of fabrication technologies. In the four departments of the fabric the aluminium raw parts are produced, the engines and the gearboxes are assemblied, the back and forth axles are mounted, the axles and the power train for the vehicles from the range of Dacia, Renault, Nissan which are produced at Mioveni and other plants from around the world.   The factory uses the common system of production for the plants from the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance- Alliance Production Way (APW).  In 2018 the fabric produced in total 559 000 engines (Energy Tce and K7), 432 000 gearboxes and 747 000 axles.

    Romania Logistic Direction from within the industrial platform from Mioveni has as a main mission the assurance of the necessary conditions for a good unfolding of the process order-supply and the transportation of the parts used in the fabrication of the vehicles and that of mechanical components in Dacia plants from Mioveni. The same Logistic Direction is supervising the same processes in 24 other plants belonging to Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance which produces vehicles from the Global Access range at an international level. Moreover, Romanian Logistic Direction serves the Commercial direction by delevering the finite products (new vehicles) the authorised sales net from Romania and outside the country.



    Groupe Renault Romania

    Manufacturer of automobiles since 1898, Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and sold 3,9 millions vehicles in 2018. It relies on the complementarity of the five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and Lada), on the electric vehicle and on its unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi. The Groupe relies on its development at an international level so that it accommodates to the grate forthcoming technological challanges and so that it  continues its strategy of cost-effective growth. Groupe Renault incorporates in Romania all the activities specific to the construction of automobiles action that led to a sustained economic performance and to a variety of recruitment offer for different specialisations: customer studies, design, engineering, testing, fabrication, logistics, marketing, business services, post sales, finance. In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania had a turnover of  5,7 milliard euros. Being the center of the Global Access range (part of which are the Dacia models, produced on the industrial platform from Mioveni) the Groupe is the leader of the local market with the brands Dacia and Renault. The 18.000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania bring innovation to the products and to the good practices. They are recognized for their professionalism.