New Career Opportunities @GROUPE RENAULT ROMANIA

  • 350 jobs available at Groupe Renault Romania. The company is present at the job fair Top Employers (RO> Angajatori de Top).
  • Applicants are invited to Check-In Your Career@Groupe Renault Romania and to find out about the newest career opportunities in domains such as: ​Engineering, IT-Digital, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Quality, Finance, Marketing, Shared Services.
  • 250 internships are available for students and master students within the program Drive Your Future.
  • Applicants will discover the new office building, Renault Bucharest Connected (RBC), where some 3,200 employees from Bucharest carry out their activity starting this year.

For two full days (April 5th and 6th) applicants are invited to Check-In Your Career at the Groupe Renault Romania stand at the Top Employers fair, in Bucharest and to discover the offer of available jobs and internships.

Those who would like to benefit from a multicultural experience, from development opportunities and from flexibility at work are invited to apply for the jobs available within the Groupe Renault Romania teams. Passionate candidates in the automotive, enthusiasts and willing to get involved in projects related to innovation and car development can get a first interview with company specialists right at the stand.

They will also be able to discover the new office building, Renault Bucharest Conected (RBC), with the help of an interactive screen, where they can choose the activity area they aim for. After selecting it, applicants will be challenged to find the key of the new office building in an experience of the type gamification, having the possibility to win prizes.

For students and master students there are some 250 internship projects available within the program Drive Your Future. They have the opportunity to get familiarized with the automotive, and with Groupe Renault Romania activities in a unique learning experience.

The job offer is available on, but also on social media, on the Groupe Renault Romania Career pages on Facebook and Linkedin.

Renault Bucharest Connected (RBC)

With its construction that started in 2017, the new office building for Bucharest employees will be inaugurated in the second half of 2019. As of March, part of the teams have already been carrying out their activity in RBC. Designed as a management project, the new head office building brings together all Groupe Renault Romania teams from Bucharest that currently conduct their activities on several sites. RBC covers an area of 47,000 m2 of Class A offices in the Western part of the city, in the proximity of means of public transit (metro and tram). It also has a showroom for Groupe Renault cars, 1,000 parking places, a conference room with a 350-seat capacity whose aim is to host internal and external events, but other facilities as well, such as a cafeteria, and a medical practice. It has creative collaborative spaces, training and documentation rooms equipped with specific technologies.

Groupe Renault Romania

Car manufacturer since 1898, Groupe Renault is present in 134 countries and in 2018 it sold 3.9 million cars. The Groupe is harnessing its international growth and the complementary fit of its five brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine and LADA, together with electric vehicles and the unique Alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi.

In order to meet the great technology challenges of the future and to continue its profitable growth, the group draws on its international development. Groupe Renault is the only company in Romania which incorporates all activities specific for a car manufacturer, something which has generated high economic performance and a wide range of job offers in different fields: customer intelligence, design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain, sales, business services and financing. In 2017, Groupe Renault Romania had a turnover of 5.7 bn. euros. At the core of the Global Access range (the range to which the Dacia models manufactured in Mioveni belong), the Groupe is leader on the local market with the Dacia and Renault brands. The 18,000 employees of Groupe Renault Romania innovate with respect to products and best practices and are recognized for their professionalism.