Renault Art Collection for the first time in Romania


    With a history of over 50 years, the Renault Art Collection is for the first time in the country, and it is brought within the context of Groupe Renault Romania taking part in the Romania-France Season 2019.

    The opening of the exhibition Renault and art, a living history 1967-2019 took place on Friday, April 19th, at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), with about 250 people attending, including Her Royal Highness Princess Maria, Michèle Ramis - the Ambassador of France, Sergiu Nistor - Presidential Adviser, Pierre Buhler – the President of the French Institute, Christophe Dridi - CEO Groupe Renault Romania, Ann Hindry - Curator and Director of the Renault Art Collection, Calin Dan – the director of MNAC, the official delegation of the Romania-France Season, press, public authorities, top management of Groupe Renault Romania, partners, bloggers and influencers.

    The exhibition can be visited until the 20th of July 2019 at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC) and brings together 18 artists from different generations, from different countries, and with very diverse practices, emblematic for the contemporary art scene: Yaacov Agam (Israel), Arman (France), Pol Bury (Belgium), Robert Doisneau (France), Jean Dubuffet (France), Errò (Iceland), Wen Fang (China),  Ange Leccia (France), Jean-Baptiste Lorthiois (France), Roberto Matta (Chile, South America), Henri Michaux (Belgium/France), Juan Mirò (Spain), Angela Palmer (United Kingdom), Georges Poncet (France), Arslan Sukan (Turkey), Jean Tinguely (Switzerland), Victor Vasarely (Hungary/France), Heidi Wood (Australia/France).

    About The Renault art collection

    The Renault art collection has a very original and specific profile. It grew progressively, since 1967, according to a very innovative principle – for a time in which contemporary art still had a somewhat limited audience – through a vivid collaboration with the artists of the time. In the '60s, some of them started to be interested in the tools of the ever-growing industrial world. In this context, the company would invite artists to attend a residency on a Renault site of their choice. Some of the works thus produced would remain in the artist's possession, whereas others would go over to the company. Consequently, the collection currently comprises more than three hundred works belonging to artists originating from various countries, and with different practices – among them major figures in art history, as well as younger emerging contemporary artists.