Dacia Offers the Chance to Students at the End of Their Middle School to Learn A Technical Auto Trade, Within Dual Vocational Education Program

The graduates of the 8th grade from Argeș county, who are passionate about the auto field can opt for dual vocational education. Dacia gives them the chance to sign up in the classrooms organised in two highschools with which the company develops long lasting partnerships: Technological Highschool of Manufacture of Cars Mioveni and Astra Technological Highschool. Thus, for the school year 2020-2021 there are available 86 positions for signing up in the classrooms supported by Dacia. The students who have the calling of the auto industry and are interested in the technical line of work can register themselves between June 29-July 6 at one of the two highschools mentioned above.

Within the highschool from Mioveni, students can obtain a welder qualification (10 vacancies), mechanic of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment (10 vacancies), electromechanic for vehicles and installations (10 vacancies).

At the second associate highschool from Pitești, they can opt for the qualifications of electronic engineer of apparatus and equipment  (6 positions), numerical control operator (20 places), mechanic of drill (10 positions), rectifier (10 positions), lathe operator (10 positions).

For three years, the students will acquire technical knowledges and will take contact with the industrial setup along the specialists from Dacia plants from Mioveni. Moreover, they benefit from: monthly scholarship with a worth of 400 lei, 5 extra scholarships for the ones with good grades, transportation from and to the workplace, providing one meal a day at the practice site, necessary didactic material, protection and working equipment, occupational health checkups, assurance of civil liability in the case of accidents. At the graduation of the studies, the students obtain a level 3 qualification certificate  and the possibility to be hired by the company.

At present, over 200 students of the partner highschools are developing their skills, they are putting in practice the acquired theory and learn team work under the guidence of the specialists within Mechanic and Chassis Plant, Vehicles Plant and  Dacia Moulds Direction.

Dacia is the first company from Argeș county which signed partnerships for the support of dual vocational education. The company sustains this kind of education since 2014.