Dacia Resumes Its Production Activity

Starting with May 4, in accordance with the social partners, the production on the industrial platform Dacia from Mioveni has been resumed. At Mechanical and Chassis Plant the working schedule consists of three shifts, at Vehicle Plant in two shifts and at the Romanian Logistic Direction in one shift. From May 11, the Vehicles Plant will function in three shifts and the logistic activity will be correlated with the reopening of Groupe Renault’s factories from all around the world. All the sanitary measures in force in Romania has been implemented so that the activities should follow up under conditions of protection for employees’ health.

Resumed partially on April 21 the production at Mechanic and Chassis Plant and at the Press Department from Vehicles Plant, at the level of the platform, is normally carried out, respecting all the conditions of hygiene and security.

From the work day of the partial restart, each team has been informed about the measures taken by the company and about the rules that are going to be strictly followed to protect the health of all employees. These measures focus on different stages of work. The route from home to work, from the access to the bus to the effective access to the working position on the industrial platform- all of these steps respecting the rule of social distancing. At the arrival the employees’ temperature is being taken with a thermal camera. The access at the interior of the platform (locker rooms, workshops, cafeteria, areas of rest) is being made by respecting the visual markings from the ground and the rules of hygiene and social distancing. All of the working positions are being disinfected and the employees wear protective masks.

Since the debut of the pandemic crisis caused by the new COVID-19 Groupe Renault Romania has been ensured to take adapted measures for protection of all of the employees from all the headquarters where its activities take place.