Groupe Renault Romania Foundation Donated to the Foundation for SMURD 700 Connections Produced at Titu Technical Center Necessary for the Medical Ventilators

A team of engineers within the Engineering Centre, Renault Technologie Roumanie, through Titu Technical Centre (Dâmbovița) have been producing, with the help of 3D printing technology connections in shapes of Y. These are useful as a temporary and emergency solution in the case in which the capacity of needed ventilators would be exceeded.

700 parts have been donated, through Groupe Renault Romania Foundation in partnership with Dacia Automobiles, to the Foundation for SMURD with the purpose that the connections will be distributed to the hospitals from the first line. The parts can be used in a situation of overload with patients in critical state in the  medical units of intensive care.

“We got together into a team dedicated to this medical emergency. We had tested several options, validating the prototype with  intensive care practitioners from Târgu Mureș. This prototype has been launched into fabrication by 3D printing technology. The cadence of print was of 20 parts in 26 hours. We optimised the time of fabrication by printing the pieces in an upright position and by reducing the loss of utilised necessary material. Thus, we used the printing capacity to maximum.”, declared Mihai Enculescu, Coordinator Engineer within the department of RTR Prototypes.

Groupe Renault Romania joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic since the debut of the crisis in Romania.

In this way, the company have been mobilizing a fleet of 150 Dacia and Renault cars in the fight with the virus, putting them at the disposal of the Ministry of Health. Their distribution towards the hospitals from the country has been made with the help of Dacia and Renault dealers network. The community from Argeș benefits from a COVID-19 testing machine at the Hospital Support from Mioveni. This has been possible through a sponsorship of over half a million lei with the support of Groupe Renault Romania Foundation and Dacia Automobiles. Together with ACAROM and the Romanian Auto Partnership, Groupe Renault Romania Foundation contributed to the repair of 50  ventilators in collaboration with DSU and IGSU.

Moreover, Groupe Renault Romania Foundation, with the help of Dacia Automobiles, will buy laptops and tablets for the children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Groupe’s employees ( and anyone who wishes to support this major cause- the access to education) can redirect 3,5% from the income tax by completing the 230 form by the end of June.