Groupe Renault Romania Foundation equip the Mioveni Hospital with a Testing Machine for COVID-19

Groupe Renault Romania Foundation, in Partnership with Dacia, Equip the Mioveni Hospital with a Testing Machine for COVID-19, Worth Over Half a Million Lei

The support hospital for COVID-19 from Mioveni benefits starting with this month from a testing machine ((Universal Molecular Diagnostics System – ExiStation 48A System). Once with the delivery and installation of the machine, the medical staff within the hospital’s lab has been trained for its usage.

The medical and sanitary equipments from the endowment of Romania’s hospitals are essential in the fight against this virus. We’ve been mobilizing since the debut of the sanitary crisis and here we are at a second recent initiative regarding the health protection  of the population from Argeș : the acquisition of a COVID-19 testing machine under the form of sponsorship, including the right consumables. This action comes in the completion of the last year’s planning and equipping of some sections of the hospital. All of our outreaching actions from this period are focusing on the growth of the capacity and speed of response coming from the medical staff and the society overall, declared Christophe Dridi, Managing Director of Dacia Automobiles and Groupe Renault Romania.

The associations from Argeș, Zimbrul Carpatin and Speranță and Sprijin pentru Oameni joined the efforts of Groupe Renault Romania and its Foundation by purchasing an additional number of tests.

At a national level, Groupe Renault Romania offered to the hospitals from all over the country 150 Dacia and Renault cars. The cars’ distribution has been made with the help of dealers’ network. Moreover, at the initiative of the Association of Manufacturers of Cars from Romania and of the Romanian Auto Partnership, the auto industry- manufacturers and suppliers, have started the repairing process of 50 medical ventilators with the help of auto industry and of the Department for Emergency Situations.