•    Schools and high schools in Argeș will benefit from sanitary material - 50,000 masks and 2,000 litres of sanitizer - provided by the Foundation and by specialized suppliers. 

100 students from the Argeș and Dâmbovița Counties will have access to education through technology, using tablets donated by the Groupe Renault Romania Foundation, in partnership with Automobile Dacia. The beneficiaries are students from primary, secondary and high school cycles with a technological profile, coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, in rural and urban communities.
In addition, 50,000 textile masks (with 3 folds) and approximately 2,000 litres of sanitizer (for hands and surfaces) will protect the students and the teaching/administrative staff in schools and high schools in Argeș from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, during the school classes that are to be held in the face-to-face system. The donation of masks, respectively sanitizer, is supported in partnership with the Romanian suppliers, Francesca and Divos suppliers.

In Argeș, the didactic material was given on Thursday, September 10, at the Argeș County Inspectorate, in the presence of representatives of the institution, of school and high school principals, but also of company officials. In the next period, a similar donation will arrive in Dâmbovița County.

On the same day, the sanitary products came into the possession of the representatives of some of the educational institutions from Argeș, during a ceremony hosted by the Mioveni City Hall.

These children need support in order not to abandon the educational process and that is why we support them. We take into account the possible evolution of the scenarios for the conduct of school courses and anticipate the need for adaptation. We donate technological equipment, tablets, for online, distance education. We focused on disadvantaged environments and, with the help of local authorities, identified the areas at risk. In addition, we equip a number of schools with masks and disinfectant to fight the spread of the virus. We know from the company how much we value the observance of these sanitary measures, but also a responsible behaviour and we even come up with an example of good practices. I wish success and confidence to all students in the new school year, to easily overcome the barriers to adapt to the new normal!, said Cecilia Tudor, Director of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility. 

The Groupe Renault Romania Foundation, with the support of Automobile Dacia, launched in June a campaign dedicated to the access to education, through a mobilization of the employees and of those who are sensitive to this cause. They chose to direct 3.5% of the income tax and fill in the 230 form. Their contribution was supplemented from the company’s funds, so that students can continue to learn from home, once the schools start.
Groupe Renault Romania has joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, since the beginning of the health crisis in Romania. 

Thus, the company mobilized a fleet of 150 Dacia and Renault cars in the fight against the virus, making them available to the Ministry of Health for distribution, with the help of the Dacia and Renault dealership network, to hospitals in Romania. The community from Argeș benefits from a testing device at the COVID-19 Support Hospital in Mioveni through a sponsorship, worth over half a million lei, with the support of the Groupe Renault Romania Foundation and Automobile Dacia. Together with Acarom and the Romanian Car Partnership, Groupe Renault Romania contributed to the repair of 50 ventilators, in collaboration with DSU and IGSU.

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