• Renault Vitality is strengthening its team for the F1® Esports Series 2020
  • A training centre called Renault V.Performance has been created and is located in the heart of the Stade de France.
  • Renault Sport Racing's expertise in building performance will be offered to all Vitality esports teams.


Paris (France), 09 October 2020 - Team Vitality and the Renault Group are preparing for the launch of the new F1® Esports season next month. Earlier this year, the two French brands announced the signing of coach Richard Arnaud and French driver Nicolas Longuet to their Renault Vitality team. They have since been joined by two other drivers in Enstone, at the heart of the Renault DP World F1® Team, to benefit from an optimal physical and technical preparation.


Renault Vitality engaged the services of Fabrizio Donoso and Casper Jansen during the F1® Esports Series Pro Draft day. The former is a Chilean driver who secured a very fine 2nd place in the 2017 World Championships. He is returning this season with the desire to continue playing a leading role. The latter is a very young Dutch driver who is only 17 and has great potential. The team will officially start the season on 14 October at the first event of the 2020 F1® Esports Series calendar.


In this desire to help performance development within Team Vitality, Renault will also append its name to the brand new Renault V.Performance. The 400m² space, located in the heart of the Stade de France, is entirely dedicated to the training of Team Vitality athletes. The Renault V.Performance can accommodate up to 3 teams at the same time and is also equipped to allow the club's medical and sports teams to work directly on site with the athletes.


Team Vitality's other seven esports teams (including League of Legends, Counter-Strike and Rainbow 6) will also benefit fully from this collaboration. All Team Vitality professional athletes will be able to take advantage of Renault Sport Racing's expertise in achieving top-level performance. This will particularly take the form of bootcamps (weeks of intensive training) organised at the Renault Sport Racing factory in Enstone, England, where the drivers of Renault DP World F1® Team and Renault Sport Academy train.




About Renault V.Performance

Renault V.Performance, a collaboration between global esports organisation Team Vitality, iconic motorsport brand Renault Sport Racing and the legendary Stade de France, is the ultimate training ground for in-game performance as well as physical and mental wellbeing. Located in the heart of the state of the art stadium, the 400m² high-performance facility is the official residence of the Team Vitality and Renault Vitality teams.


Powered by Renault Sport Racing expert knowledge of sport performance, the cutting edge center has been especially designed to fit the needs of Team Vitality and Renault Vitality athletes, who will benefit from the Renault V.Performance facilities and coaching staff, offering the highest level of both mental and physical support. Renault Vitality is one of the longest standing and integrated mainstream brand partnerships in esports and the Renault V.Performance further showcases the brands commitment to competitive excellence.


About Team Vitality

A global esports organisation, Team Vitality is dedicated to developing excellence and forging a new generation of esports athletes. Home to the world’s best players competing across nine titles, Team Vitality is one of only ten teams in the League of Legends European Championship, Europe’s most watched esports league. A globally recognised lifestyle and entertainment brand, Team Vitality and its players have over 20 million followers across social media and carry more mainstream sponsors than any other esports team, including adidas, Renault, Orange and Red Bull. The team has participated in more than 1000 competitions and its players have stood atop over 250 podiums around the world.


Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Maurer and Fabien Devide, Team Vitality is headquartered in the heart of Paris, in their state-of-the-art public esports complex V.Hive, and has high performance training centres in the iconic Stade de France and the Renault Sport Racing factory in Oxfordshire, UK.


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About Renault  

Motorsport has been part of Renault's DNA for more than 115 years. Renault will soon be celebrating its 700th start in a Formula One™ Grand Prix and has won 11 Drivers' Championships, 12 Constructors’ Championships and no less than 177 Grand Prix victories. The links between motorsport and video game competitions are indisputable: passion, emotion and performance. These are as many ingredients that bring together motorsport, video games and esports fans across generations. It is in this context that Renault and Team Vitality have created a new entity dedicated to motorsport video game competitions: Renault Vitality.


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