• Following the organization of Groupe Renault around its brands, grouped in four business units - Renault, Dacia & Lada, Alpine and New Mobility - Christophe Dridi takes over the responsibility of the industrial perimeter in Romania, Russia and Morocco, as VP Global Access Industry and VP Industry for Dacia and Lada brands, starting with January 1st. At the same time, Mihai Bordeanu is appointed Managing Director Dacia Brand South Eastern Europe starting with January 1st, and Country Head Romania (from February 1st).

    „Romania has a huge potential. I discovered this in 2016, when I first came to this beautiful country. The car industry is a jewel of the Romanian economy and infrastructure, local integration and education are essential for its development. The potential also comes from the professionalism of the Dacia and Renault teams, whom I would like to thank, as well as all our partners who have helped us to deliver towards our customers, over the years, quality and competitive products, manufactured in Romania. It is essential to remain competitive and deliver quality products. I learned a lot from you, and I thank you for this. I will continue to be by you, as part of this challenge from my new role, that I received within Dacia & Lada Business Unit, in the new organization of Groupe Renault, at international level.” stated Christophe Dridi.

     „I return to Romania after a professional itinerary in countries where Dacia brand has convinced customers with different profiles and standards, such as France and Great Britain. It has conquered them not only on these markets, but in the 44 countries where Dacia is currently commercialized. I am coming back home with a sentiment of pride that I felt deeply and that every Romanian has when he sees Dacia cars traveling on the streets around the world. Understanding customer’ requirements, the way we communicated on each market have contributed, from year to year, to the international recognition of this emblematic brand for Romania. I join the teams that have managed these progressive transformations for a company and a brand that have been in the hearts of the Romanians for over half a century. Today, Dacia has an important emotional dimension, thanks to its heritage value, and is a strategic landmark for industry and economy. Today's times require new transformations and new approaches. I am confident for the future that only together will we use this recipe for success, in an extremely competitive environment, still marked by an unprecedented global health crisis.”, added Mihai Bordeanu.

    Christophe Dridi began his career at Renault in 1993 as an engineer. In 2001, he joined the Renault - Nissan Alliance team, in Japan, as Quality Manager. He later became Renault Mexico's Quality Director and afterwards Renault Vehicle Incidentology Manager at Technocentre, France. In 2009, he took over the responsibility of Manufacturing Director of the Casablanca plant and subsequently had the same role at the Tanger plant, both in Morocco. Since 2016 he had led the Dacia Vehicles Plant in Mioveni, and beginning with 2018 he has been CEO Dacia and Managing Director Groupe Renault in Romania. Christophe is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Technologies de l’Ingénieur in Nancy, France, and holds an INSEAD MBA diploma.

    Mihai Bordeanu has 22 years of experience in marketing, trade and business in automotive companies and FMCG. In 2006, he joined the Toyota team in Romania, where he held the roles of Marketing Director, Commercial Director and Director of the Lexus brand for the Balkans division. In 2010 he took over the position of Marketing Director at Renault Commercial Roumanie for the Dacia and Renault brands. In 2014 he was appointed Marketing Director of Groupe Renault for the markets of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta ("North Territory"), and since 2016, Marketing Director for the Eurasia region. From September 2019 he was appointed VP Marketing Dacia. Mihai graduated the Cybernetics Faculty at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and attended general management programs in specialized organizations, such as London Business School and CEDEP (INSEAD).