Florin Tincescu has celebrated his adulthood by debuting in Dacia Cup 2011

What more beautiful gift can you wish for upon 18th birthday than the debut in Dunlop Rally National Championship? Well, Florin Tincescu, the one that, the day the internal race debuted, and, implicitly, Dacia Cup 2011, was turning 18th, enjoyed such a gift. an age at which he already has a rich career in motor sports, national titles in rally cross, notable participations in Parallel Slalom National Championship, and he already recorded in his portfolio the debut in Dunlop Coast National Speed Championship. What are his thoughts, find out in the following paragraphs.

You have just turned 18th and you are the youngest Romanian pilot in Dacia Cup 2011. Do you consider that is a record itself?

I prefer to let others to judge whether it is performance. I mainly want to thank those from Napoca Rally Academy. With their support I have got to be the first Romanian taking the start in the national speed race on the coast at an age I had not yet the driving license, and now in Dunlop Rally National Championship, starting right on my birthday. It was a wonderful gift and I thank them for this.

It was a good start in Dacia Cup 2011, because you managed to get ranked in the top three debutants in Tess Rally. How much training it took to get such a result?

To get “up there”, in the top hierarchy, it takes a lot of hard work. I had a good start, but the hard part is just beginning. Because until now we were not able to train much because I did not have a driving license and the car was ready just for competitions right before the start. But things are different now and I hope that over time, as I gain experience, my performances will increase in value, and this would feel in the results as well.

Who takes care of the car preparations?

The car is prepared by my father, with full support of the Napoca Rally Academy.

What surfaces do you prefer racing on: asphalt, gravel?

My favourite surface is gravel, as it always allows you to 'play' with the car. Moreover, I don’t have too many kilometres made on asphalt. This is also a reason why I decided before Tg Rally, the second stage of the championship, to attend Muscel Racing Contest, Round double debut round of CNVCD. Basically I come back in Campulung, where I started in this type of racing, and the experience gained, I am sure, will help in my development as a pilot.

What results have you proposed for the first season of the Cup?

We have not proposed an actual result. We want to accumulate as much experience in racing, do as many kilometres of special stages, and in this respect, most importantly, as they say, to stay on the track. But, frankly, it would be great if I come in top 5 at the end of the year.

What’s next after Dacia Cup?

It is too early to think about it now. For now, we focus on Dacia Cup 2011. Then, and depending on the budget, we will take a decision regarding the future.