Interview Didier Goyens – Network manager Dacia and Renault in Romania

Network manager since September 2010, Didier Goyens is in charge with the implementation of the commercial and quality policy in the dealers’ network, with the selling of new cars, spare parts and after sales services, as well as with the financial stability of the dealers’ network.

1) How many authorized dealerships are there currently in the country?

Dacia is currently the brand with the most numerous dealerships across the country: 99 showrooms for the selling of cars and 106 authorized garages. The network is very well represented across the country.

2) What was the evolution of the Dacia network during 2010?

Despite a 2010 difficult for the automotive industry, we inaugurated a new Dacoserv showroom in Bucharest, as well as a new Adras dealership in Bucharest which comprises a showroom and a garage.

3 )Since the network is countrywide, can you tell us which are the counties ranking in the top positions in terms of sales?

Bucharest is, of course, the center of our sales, with 30% of the Dacia sales recorded for 2010.

Besides Bucharest, there are Arges, Cluj, Timis and Brasov among the first areas in terms of sales.

4) How often do you get to see the dealers?

By the end of the first semester, I will have seen the entire network. Afterwards, I intend to spend 20% of my time at dealerships.

5) How competitive is the Dacia network with respect to the after sales activity?

Since its setting up, the Dacia network was built in order to be close to its clients. That is why, currently, the Dacia network is the most competitive, due to its countrywide points of sales. However, staying competitive implies a continuous improvement process. 

I will give you three concrete, up-to-date examples of competitiveness in the Dacia network:

- increased commercial performance of the after sales services on account of a better availability rate of spare parts which, at its turn, is generated by the increase of deliveries per week. Now the parts most asked for by the clients are delivered thrice a week.
- another example: a price drop for the most sold parts which results into a reduction of the maintenance costs for fleets,
- and finally, permanent monitoring of the quality standards in the garages via monthly surveys and adequate network activities.