Art Is a Reminder of All the Things We Forgot about

Interview with TEVŽ LOGAR

Tevž Logar is an independent curator working with various galleries and establishments.

Liviu Bocşaru, CFO Automobile Dacia SA: It Is Extremely Important To Have A Strong Local Market

For any car manufacturer, it is extremely important to have a strong local market so that it sells there a part of the production.

Stephen Norman, Marketing Director, Groupe Renault Monde

How much of Dacia’s success on western European markets is due to marketing and how much to the current context ?

Cornel Manucu, New Vehicles Sales Manager - Dacia

1. How much did Dacia sell during the first four months of 2009 on the Romanian market?

Dacia Duster – a reliable partner

Interview with Narcis Costache, Founding Member of the “Club Duster” Association 

Communication is like tightrope walking: you must find the balance

Interview with Anca Oreviceanu, Chief of Communication, Renault Group Romania