1,500,000 of K7 engins manufactured at Mioveni

Uzina Mecanica si Sasiuri Dacia (UMCD) produced, last week, the engine on gas numbered 1,500,000. The engine, of type K7M EURO 5, with a cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters, was delivered to Uzina Vehicule Dacia.

Among the customers to whom Uzina Mecanica Dacia supplies engines are Uzina Vehicule Dacia (for the Logan and Sandero ranges) and Renault factories from France, Russia, Morocco, South Africa, Columbia.

The two varieties of engines assemblied at UMCD, K7J (1.4 liters) and K7M (1.6 liters) started to be manufactured at Mioveni at the same time with the release of the Logan range, in 2004. At present, the manufacture line has a daily installed capacity of 1,567 engines.

In 2010, UMCD assemblied over 247,780 engines. The 3,785 employees of Uzina Mecanica produce and assembly two types of gearboxes, transfer modules (organ specific to versions 4x4 of the Dacia Duster model), front and rear bridges, front and rear frames, rear axles and inferior arms.

UMCD is the second mechanic factory in the Renault Group at global level, being organized in six manufacture departments (Engines, J Gearboxes, TL Gearboxes, Aluminum, Welding/Pressing, Assembly/Cataphoresis/Machining). In 2010, in the factory there were recorded several important production figures, among which: the J gearbox with number 1,500,000, the TL gearbox with number 300,000, the K7 engine with number 1,250,000.