200 000 Dusters Produced at the Dacia Factory

At the end of the last week, the Dacia Motor Vehicle Factory (Uzina Vehicule Dacia) from Mioveni machined the Dacia Duster vehicle with number 200,000. The car with Laureate equipment, 4x4, 110CP, 1.5 dci, of black colour, will be delivered to a customer in Romania.

This figure was accomplished at less that two years from the beginning of the model production, in January 2010. The Duster model rate increased progressively, reaching to represent at present over 50 percent from the Dacia production.  

The Duster model was launched in March 2010 at the Geneve Motor Show, and the quality/price/deliveries ratio brought it several awards granted by professionals in the field of motors. Dacia Duster was elected the „Car of the Year 2011”, in Romania and Croatia, obtained the awards „SUV of the Year 2011”, in Romania, „Autobest 2011”, „Argus” (at the family vehicle category), in France and the title of „Champion in Residual Value 2011”, in Germany.

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