4 000 000 Dacia vehicles manufactured at Mioveni

This week, "Dacia 4 000 000" was delivered to its rightful owner. The vehicle bearing number 4 000 000 is a 4x4 caju brown Dacia Duster, top of the line version, Lauréate, with an 1.5 dCI 110 HP engine. The woman who bought the car is a 58 year old physician from Romania. 

"Duster is the fifth Dacia I’ve purchased so far. I have chosen Dacia because the cars are resistant, roomy, comfortable and have a low fuel consumption. Moreover, we had very easy access to spare parts and service network. I was drawn to Duster’s pleasant design, generous space, powerful engine and the safety it inspires. I wanted a 4x4 vehicle, a car for my family, which could take us fishing, on vacation, in the mountains", said the Dacia customer when she received the keys of the car.

Dacia has compressed the amount of time it took to produce one million vehicles at Mioveni from 17 years (the first million) to only 3 years and 5 months at present. The number 1 000 000 car was produced in 1985,  2 000 000 level was reached in 1998 (after 13 years) and 3 000 000 in 2007 (after 9 years). These continuous compressions have been sustained by the 1,2 bln Euros invested by Renault in the Mioveni platform, since its takeover, in 1999.

Currently, half of the 65 vehicles manufactured each hour at Mioveni consists in Duster, a model which has been ordered so far by more than 100 000 clients worldwide. Since its launch, in March 2010, Dacia Duster has become the undoubted leader of its category in Romania, with 4.826 units sold last year.

Commercial success was matched by the awards given to Dacia Duster by professionals of the automotive industry. Among the prizes received by Dacia Duster are ”Car of the Year 2011” in Romania and Croatia, ”SUV of the year 2011” trophy in Romania and Autobest Trophy 2011.