The All-New Dacia Duster: more Duster than ever

  • Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, the All-New Dacia Duster boasts brand-new exterior styling and a completely redesigned interior. It combines the comfort and off-road ability of a genuine SUV at a price that is still shockingly affordable. The Dacia SUV can be ordered in Romania as of November 24th at a price starting with 12,350 euros VAT included.

    Dacia’s iconic model has been revamped with all-new exterior styling to deliver a distinctly assertive and robust look. The All-New Duster’s interior has been totally redesigned for a comfortable, user-friendly cabin experience. The car offers a step up in perceived quality. Equipped with new driving aids and new equipment, the All-New Duster is a genuine SUV – both versatile and comfortable for everyday driving.

    The Romanian customers can order the new model in the Dacia network across the country as of Friday, November 24th 2017.

    At a glance:

    • All-new modern and robust exterior styling.
    • Completely redesigned interior with a focus on comfort and quality.
    • A range of practical new equipment to facilitate everyday motoring.
    • New driving aids for improved driving enjoyment on- and off-road.
    • Enhancedsafety.
    • An improved 4WD driving experience and the same off-road capability that positions the All-New Duster among the market’s very best.
    • And still shockingly affordable.


    The All-New Duster: Brand-new styling

    The All-New Duster has a bolder personality, both inside and outside. The exterior is brand new, featuring more pronounced lines to emphasise the car’s forceful character. The All-New Duster’s interior is extremely comfortable. Meticulous attention has been paid to fit and finish as part of Dacia’s focus on perceived quality.

    More robust styling:

    The All-New Duster features a new front design for a more assertive personality and robust stance.

    • The grille extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s extreme front corners, making the car look wider.
    • The model boasts a new lighting signature, including LED daytime running lights divided into three sections. The more horizontal bonnet with sculpted crease lines gives the All-New Duster a very rugged appearance.

    The side view highlights the car’s SUV look. :

    • The All-New Duster’s higher belt line adds to the impression of robustness and protection.
    • The windscreen has been brought forward 100 mm and is more steeply raked, which makes the cabin appear more spacious.
    • The new aluminium roof bars, a frequent SUV hallmark, extend the line of the windscreen for a more dynamic profile.
    • The new 17-inch wheels give the car an even more assertive personality.

    At the rear, broader haunches provide the vehicle with a modified stance. The All-New Duster now features Dacia’s lighting signature – four red squares – and the rear lights are located at the extreme corners of the car. The wider front and rear skid plates draw attention to the model’s adventurer credentials.


    A completely redesigned cabin: High-quality and comfortable  

    Ergonomically improved driving position

    As you step into the All-New Duster, the focus is on the totally revised driving position, which now offers added comfort and driver-friendliness for everyday motoring.

    • The all-new dashboard is more generously proportioned in line with the world of SUVs.
    • The centre console fascia accommodates a higher-positioned (+74 mm), driver-focused MediaNav Evolution display for clear, easy access (with one of the market’s shortest viewing distances).
    • The three rotary controls for the automatic climate control match the three air vents located at the top of the dashboard.
    • The centre console fascia features new piano key type controls that are more user-friendly and modern.
    • The new centre console, with the hand brake moved to free up space, features additional storage capacity and a perfectly positioned 4WD selector switch.

    The driving position provides optimum comfort and a range of adjustment settings.

    • The steering wheel can be adjusted for height (through 40 mm) and reach (50 mm).
    • The driver’s seat comes with an armrest, lumbar adjustment and a new height-adjustment system which travels through 60 mm (compared with 40 mm previously).
    • The seat cushion is 20 mm longer for improved support.
    • The new seat design is more enveloping, provides enhanced lateral support when cornering and incorporates denser foam for improved durability and comfort.
    • Three comma-type rear head rests for improved driver visibility when there are no rear passengers.


    Carefully selected materials

    The All-New Duster now features an even more refined interior thanks to a special focus on the materials selected and the overall finish.

    At first glance, the cabin is clearly of a higher standard throughout:

    • The dashboard has been enhanced to feature a more refined grain and matte finish.
    • The door panels incorporate robust door releases and padded armrests that are more pleasant
      to the touch.
    • New upholstery features a comfortable, modern 3D weave and top-stitching.
    • The shorter new gear lever sports satin-finished chrome inserts.
    • Depending on version, the steering wheel boasts an exclusive Soft Feel finish that is both high-quality and pleasant to the touch.

    Fit and finish have been significantly enhanced.


    Practical cabin features for everyday driving

    The All-New Duster’s storage capacity is 27.2 litres, including the new 2.8-litre storage tray situated beneath the passenger seat.

    The car’s boot capacity under the luggage cover is 445 dm3 VDA (478 litres) for the 2WD version and 411 dm3 VDA (467 litres) for the 4WD version. With the rear bench seat folded, the maximum boot capacity is 1,478 dm3 VDA (1,623 litres).


    Improved soundproofing halves noise inside the cabin

    Special attention has also been paid to soundproofing.

    Cabin noise has been halved by using upgraded soundproofing materials to block out road noise.

    • Cabin insulation has been improved by:

    - increasing the percentage of sound-absorbing surfaces in the cabin and engine compartment from 20 to 50 percent,

    - reducing noise thanks to improved sealants and plugs,

    - using 0.35mm-thicker glass for the front windows.

    • Engine and road noise have been lowered thanks to a more rigid front end (engine frame, chassis rails, cowl panel) for fewer vibrations in the cabin.

    The car is now fitted with larger-diameter 165mm bicone speakers for enhanced audio quality. They are built into the door panels with a new improved seal and mounting. In the high-end version, two tweeters located at the top of the dashboard further improve the sound experience.

    A real SUV that is even more comfortable to drive either on- or off-road

    The All-New Duster comes with a host of new equipment to assist manoeuvring both on- and off-road

    The All-New Duster carries over the off-roading credentials that helped make the original such a popular success. Its dimensions are:

    • 4.34 m long;
    • 1.80 m wide;
    • high ground clearance (210 mm);
    • approach and departure angles of 30° and 33° respectively for the 4WD version and 34° for the 2WD version;
    • Breakover angle: 21°.


    Extra peace of mind

    • The All-New Duster comes with new electric power steering. It reduces the effort required to turn the wheel by 35 percent, which is particularly useful when parking. What’s more, the steering ratio is now six percent lower, delivering a quicker steering response and improved manoeuvrability in cities and at higher speeds on winding roads. The steering includes a system that varies steering assistance in accordance with vehicle speed for greater directional stability on motorways. It also considerably improves steering response, especially in off-road driving situations.
    • The car features a multi-view camera which incorporates four cameras (one at the front, one on either side and one at the rear). The system allows the driver to view the area around the vehicle and is also extremely useful to help with parking. It is activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged. If the driver quickly goes into forward gear, the camera changes its view.
    • The camera can be activated manually by pressing the “MVC” button. The user-friendly navigation display shows one camera at a time. The driver can press the “MVC” button to turn off the system but it also switches off automatically if the vehicle’s speed exceeds 20 kph. The side cameras are located under the door mirrors for a direct view of the front wheels so the car can be positioned accurately.
    • Hill Descent Control allows the driver to control the downhill speed of the car on steep gradients. The system acts on the vehicle’s brakes to deliver outstanding stability.

    • The combination of Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control makes driving easier on sloping terrain.
    • For off-road enthusiasts, the 4X4 monitor incorporates a compass and notifies the driver of the vehicle’s angle in real time.
    • The All-New Duster is now available with keyless entry. This system automatically opens all the doors as the driver gets close to the car and provides remote locking as they walk away. When the doors unlock, the car’s direction indicators flash. The indicators flash when the doors lock, as well, coupled with an audible confirmation. The driver does not need to take their key out to start the vehicle thanks to the start/stop button.


    A proven range of engines

    The All-New Duster continues to come with a choice of affordable engines that have been tried and tested under the bonnet of other Group models.

    • The SCe 115 (2WD and 4WD versions) and TCe 125 (2WD and 4WD versions) petrol engines both drive through a manual gearbox.
    • The dCi 90 (2WD version) and dCi 110 (2WD and 4WD versions) diesel engines are also mated to a manual gearbox, although the dCi 110 engine (2WD version) can be specified with EDC automatic transmission.
    • An LPG version of the SCe 115 unit is also optionally available.


    Improved safety

    The All-New Duster is available with a suite of equipment to help protect passengers.

    The car boasts a reinforced frame: 

    • new 0.2mm-thicker chassis rails and steel featuring improved mechanical properties;
    • new bracing (A-pillar, underfloor beams).

    It also features the following new safety equipment (depending on market):

    • new seat frames;
    • new larger, thicker front head rests for improved protection in the event of a rear impact;
    • new curtain airbags;
    • pyrotechnic pretensioners with load limiters for the front and rear side seats;
    • Isofix anchorage for child seats in the rear side seats with a new i-Size feature. The support leg fitted to i-Size child seats extends to the floor (reinforced underfloor beams) for enhanced child safety;
    • New rear Seat Belt Reminder (SBR) with dashboard display of the number of rear seat belts not fastened and audible warning if a seat belt is unfastened while driving;
    • new bumper damper and new bonnet design for improved pedestrian impact energy absorption;
    • new 8-percent larger door mirrors contribute to enhanced driver visibility.

    The All-New Duster comes with a range of useful driving aids for added safety.

    • Blind Spot Warning comprises four ultrasound sensors located on either side of the vehicle both front and rear. These detect any other vehicles coming from the rear or the side within a distance of between three and five metres. A warning light flashes automatically in the door mirror if any danger is detected. If the indicator is on while a vehicle is detected in the driver’s blind spot, a warning light flashes in the rear-view mirror. The system functionsbetween 30 kph and 140 kph.

    • The speed limiter system allows the driver to drive at a pre-set speed without having to check their speed all the time and helps them not to exceed the selected threshold. It isoperationalfrom 30 kph.
    • The All-New Duster is equipped with automatic headlight activation for an even more relaxed drive.


    The New Duster can be ordered in Romania

    • Romanian customers can order the New Duster in the Dacia network across the country as of November 24th 2017.

    The range comprises:

    Two equipment levels (Essential and Comfort) for the vehicles equipped with petrol engines.

    Three equipment levels (Essential, Comfort and Prestige) for thevehicles equipped with diesel engines.

    • The prices, the most competitive on the market for this segment, range between 12,350 euros (VAT included) for Essential 1.6 SCe 115 HP 4x2 to 18,750 euros (VAT included) for Prestige 1.5 dCi 110 HP 4x4.

    For those who wish a model equipped with the automatic EDC transmission, the price will be of 16,800 euros (VAT included) for the Comfort version, and of 18,450 euros (VAT included) for the Prestige version.

    The Open House event will take place between December 8th to 10th in the entire dealers’ network in Romania. Thus, the Romanian customers will have the possibility to discover live the New Duster. Besides testing the new model, the customers can find out more about the financing offers and the Dacia range of services.

    Dacia continues to set new sales records

    At end-October 2017, Dacia had set a new sales record, selling more than 534,900 units globally, again of 11.8 %. Dacia saw its sales increase by 10.8 pts to 384,414 units and its market share rise by 0.16 pts to 2.6 % in Europe. These were both new records. The brand also posted market share gains in Eurasia (up 0.47 pts to 8.63 pts) and North Africa (up 5.2 pts to 23.7 pts). No fewer than 23 of the 44 markets where the Dacia brand is sold posted market share or sales records.

    • In Europe, Dacia’s sales totalled 384,414 units – a new record with an increase of its sales of 10.8 % and in market share (2.6 %, + 0.16 pts). Dacia Sandero was the best-selling car to retail customers (at end-September 2017) and Dacia Duster was the third-best-selling C-SUV to retail customers.
    • - In France, Dacia set a new sales record at 98,946 units, a rise of 5.2 %. Dacia ranked fifth in France and third in the passenger car market for retail customers, where Renault was the leading car brand. Sandero emerged as the best-selling car to retail customers in France.
    • - In the rest of Europe, Dacia saw its sales increase by 12.7 % to 285,468 units. In Germany, sales climbed by 27.1 % to 53,743 units. In Italy, the brand enjoyed sales of 53,602 units,
      up 19 %. Sales also rose in Poland (up 22.7 %) and the Czech Republic (up 21.7 %).
    • In Romania, Dacia reported an 11.4 % increase in sales to 34,900 units.
    • In Morocco, Dacia’s sales climbed by 15.7 % to 39,096 units.
    • In Algeria, Dacia saw its sales rise by 52.9 % to 22,923 units, despite a 20.9 % downturn in
      the market.

    A particularly active Dacia community

    Members of the Dacia community were special guests at the unveiling of the All-New Duster at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Dacia community has made a huge contribution to Dacia’s success and now includes four million social media fans. Dacia picnics have become a deep-rooted tradition. Nearly 10,000 customers attended Dacia’s annual picnic in France in June, while similar events held in the Czech Republic and Germany both attracted some 7,000 participants. These picnics bring together the Dacia community in a unique, friendly atmosphere.