Automobile Dacia donated 7500 litres of water to Argeş County Council

During the winter holidays period Automobile Dacia donated 7500 litres of mineral water to the Argeş County Council. The water was distributed to more than 30 centres for services for children/ persons with disabilities, day centres and care and support centres for elderly persons in Argeş county.

Dacia, the largest employer in Argeş and one of the main economic players in the country, has organised several actions over time to support underprivileged communities in the county. The car manufacturer also undertakes frequent education and awareness raising campaigns on environmental protection and the use of natural resources. Another direction for social responsibility is education, with Dacia being, starting this year, the most important partner of the Technological Vocational School in Colibaşi, after having undertaken campaigns, during previous years, to encourage reading among pupils in Mioveni.