Automobile Dacia has Obtained the ISO 14001 Certification

Following the audit performed in June 2005 by the independent institute SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), “Automobile Dacia” obtained the official certification of the fact that its environment management system complies with the requirements of the ISO 14 001/2004 standard.

This certification acknowledges the performance level attained by Dacia in the environment policy field, thereby confirming that the actions taken in this regard comply with the most demanding international standards.

In fact, Dacia is the first plant within the Renault Group to obtain the ISO 14001 certification in its most recent version - 2004.

Built according to the Renault model, the Environment Management System implemented by Dacia is aimed at permanently alleviating the impact of the company`s activities on the environment.

The investments made by Dacia associated to wastewater, soil, air and waste treatment currently amount to EUR 9.6 billion. The ISO 14001 certification shall lead to the creation of a genuine environment culture at Dacia, as the ecological imperatives shall be associated at all times with economic and social ones.