Barbu is the leading scorer in Dacia Cup after the first day of Sibiu Rally

    • After having occupied the second position at Cluj, Sebastian Barbu confirms his good form he is crossing now taking up the first position of  Sibiu Rally
    • The second day proposes 6 competitive sections. The start for the first test of the day is programmed at 10:53 o’clock, and the arrival at 18:14 o’clock

    In the first day of Sibiu Rally, Sebastian Barbu confirmed what we have already known since the last year, namely that he likes the competitions on macadam. He was awarded the superspecial developed in Strand district, outrunning Ivan, with 0.5 seconds, and Simone Tempestini (a 0.7 seconds start), becoming the first leader of the Cup. But on Dobarca 1, Ivan, the champion in action, succeeded in getting into his account the best time and castling with Barbu, and Nastase climbed up to the 3rd position. The three competitors were about to get, in the same order, the best time on Dobarca 2, so that, at the top, the hierarchy was to remain unchanged in front of the service park preceding the night tests.

    Then, the climb to Paltinis was to revert to Barbu, followed by Ivan and Cornea, while Nastase couldn’t reach but only the fifth time. He was to keep the third position in the Cup classification, but arrive 37,4 seconds after the new leader, Barbu, outrunning Ivan with 3 tens. On Santa, in rundown race we didn’t assist anymore at a top changing but the definite victory of Nastase, who reached the 10th  absolute time and the 8th FIA, made the spreads to be almost melted. So, Saturday, the decisive day regarding the final configuration of the classification, is to start with the first three ranked in a spread of only 8,2 seconds.

    The 4th position is occupied by Octavian Tarnaveanu, the one being the leader in the beginners competition. And taking into account that we have mentioned this competition let’s say that by the end of the first day on the provisional dais there are also present Florin Tincescu and Vlad Cornea.

    Otherwise, there has to be specified that, on Friday, the speediest Logan 1.6 MPI was the one driven by Francois Delecour, special guest at this competition (of course, he doesn’t step on the Cup hierarchy). At the same time, there deserves to be mentioned the fact that, once again, the Logan cars proved their reliability in the most breakable rally on macadam, so all the Cup competitors being ready to start on Saturday.

    The Saturday Program

    The second day begins at 10:01, when the official start is programmed, so that at 10:05 to be noticed the entrance of the first car in the service park. Here is the special tests program:

    PS 6 Crinti 1 – the first car 10:53
    PS 7 Crinti 2 – the first car 12:56
    PS 8 Calugaru Max 1 – the first car 14:49
    PS 9 Santa 1 – the first car 15:12
    PS 10 Calugaru Max 2 – the first car 17:00
    PS 11 Santa 2 – the first car 17:23
    Arrival – the first car 18:14