Dacia, 8th position in the JD Power Classification valuating the satisfaction of the French customers

  • The classification published by JD Power and l’Automobile Magazine has been realized in base of the valuations of 15.000 French customers possessing a car for at least two years. Their opinions have been analyzed according to four criterions categories, related to the attractiveness level of the car, the costs it involves, the perceived quality and reliability and the after-sale services.

    The study revealed a general reduction of the satisfaction of the French car possessors who became more exigent mostly referring to the use costs for a car. The economic crisis has changed the customers behavior, so they have now more expectations regarding the car performance, related to the displayed prices.

    Dacia is placed on the 8th position in the classification for this year, in the car producers category, registering 769 point in a total of 1.000. The Romanian brand is in front of brands like Toyota, Volkswagen, Citroen, Peugeot, Kia, Ford, Fiat or Chevrolet, at a difference of only 1 point from Nissan, but Dacia Logan rises on the first position in the small cars category, related to the last year when it was on the second position. Berlina registered 781 points, equal to Mazda 2, being more appreciated then the Mini model.

    JD Power is a global marketing company whose market studies and prognosis regarding the consumption behavior is covering a large range of industries, from telecommunications and hotel industry, to financial services and car industry.