Dacia and Gefco – a successful collaboration since 2008 up to the present

  • Gefco sent by train more then 200 000 Dacia vehicles.

    Logistic is one of the most important activities in automotive industry, assuring both the rwa material for the production flow and the transport to the car final destination, all in the framework of a performant managing system. The third entity of Dacia, as extention, the Logistic Department implemented, since 2008, a rail transport partnership with Gefco, the first operator for Dacia autovehicles transport by rail.

    Dacia and Gefco au marked more than 200 000 transported vehicles and 700 trains sent together and up to the present in a novel travel in a carriage attached to the train transporting the vehicles from the industrial platform in Mioveni to the commercial port in Constanta. On the board of the train there Constanţa. On the board of the train there took place a press conference kept by the officials of the two companies.

    „The Logistic Department is essential for Dacia. The 600 employees of this department is managing both the supply of pieces and the cars distribution to the client. In 2010, the Logistic Department delivered 341 872 vehicles and other more than 412 000 as CKD collections, Dacia being the sourse factory supplying pieces for the other 9 factories assembling the „entry brand”, declared Jérôme Olive, General Manager, Automobile Dacia.

    „GEFCO was the first company in Romania tha put into practice this railway solution for in 2008, solutions offering more advantages: capacity, environment (the CO2 impact and noise pollution are reduced), solution adjusted to the client needs. I am very proud to see day by day the know-how and the expertise won by the local team, reffering to technic, quality end environment. All those make this project to be a real success, representing an example inside the GEFCO group, in accordance with its values”, declaresd Christophe De Korver, General Manager, Gefco Romania.

    To view the video DACIA and GEFCO click here.