The Dacia Cup takes the start in its 5th season with a record presence

  • The 2011 season of the Dacia Cup has 9 legs, 4 on road  and 5 off road, all of them organized by the Motor Sport Romanian Federation.
  • 14 crews are already on the registration list of TESS Rally Brașov. However, the total number of those who stated their intention to enter the competition during the year amounts to 22.
  • The Grand Prix of the 2011 edition is a Dacia Logan car.

It seems as if it were yesterday when the first edition of the Dacia Cup was organized and now, here we are, the mono brand competition intended for the rally drivers who drive the most popular car model in Romania arrives at its 5th edition. And, in order to celebrate this landmark in the history of the young, but already famous competition, this edition is going to be a noticeable one.

Firstly because there already are 22 confirmations from crews who decided to take part to the Dacia Cup 2011. Out of these, 14 are already on the registration list for TESS Rally Brașov, and other crews are to enter the competition during the season. Then, since on the drivers list eight are novice, out of whom 5 young drivers who are only 18 or going 18 this year. Undoubtedly, they are the living proof that this competition stands for an access gate to well known motor sport competitions, therefore the organizers would like to thank the Motor Sport Romanian Federation for their support. The novice under 18 will drive only in the special race. The co-drivers will be at the wheel for the areas where the traffic is also open to the public.

The key elements of this year’s participation success are obvious. First of all, the show made by the 50 drivers who have been competing with Dacia Logan cars in the National Rally Championship since 2007 – the first season – until present. Then because this competition was the opportunity for two young Romanian race drivers to mature – Bogdan Stanoiev and Vlad Cosma.

And, it is still in this mono brand competition that the crew Edwin Keleti/Victor Ponta was set up, crew who won the Dacia Cup in 2008 and, afterwards had the monopoly on the first position of CNRD at Group A, and they had remarkable results in 2009 and 2010 in the Spain Rally, a leg of the World Championship Rally.

Beyond these details, undoubtedly, the success of the Dacia Cup originates in the perseverance of the approach and in the technical and sportive regulation, which was thus conceived in order to ensure equal opportunities. And, the determination with which the principles of this competition were defended, even when it comes to the Dacia Logan prepared for the Cup. The car has similar values and characteristics to those of the mass model: accessibility, simplicity, modernity and reliability.

Mihai Bordeanu (Marketing Director Dacia): “Since this is, already, the 5th edition of this competition, it means that Dacia is highly popular among the fans of motor sport. I wish the best of luck to the crews who are to take the start of the current edition of Dacia Cup and I am convinced that you will make a good show, full of adrenaline, to the delight of your spectators. Dacia will give this year the grand prix for the winners of the general ranking of the Cup, a Dacia Logan car.”

Narcis Obeadă (Director  of the Automotive Division of  Policolor): “As in 2010 Klar Professional, decided to support, together with Dacia, the Romanian motor sport. Since we want to support the competitors of the Dacia Cup, in each race leg, we will award prizes to the first three positions. And in 2011, Klar Professional will award the special prize “Klar Off Road” at the end of the championship for the winners of off road races, an extremely attractive prize for the participants.”

You are welcome to the first leg, Tess Rally, an event scheduled for the period 8-9 April at Brasov!

The Dacia Cup in brief

• First season - 2007
• The cars used within the Cup are DACIA LOGAN 1.6 MPI, equipped exclusively with competition kits developed by Renault Sport Technologies ;
• Low maintenance and running costs, reliable car;
• The talent, the well prepared crews and the courage are promoted;
• The road behavior is emphasized: predictable, but “fun”;
• 2 extra points are given for those who take the start  and 4 extra points are allotted should the crew attend the last leg in order to keep up the competition and suspense spirit until the end of the championship;
• The minimum number of legs is 4. This allows for the participation and the ranking, at the end of the championship, of as many competitors as possible;
• Each crew receives 2 jumpsuits for free following their registration to the DACIA Cup 2011 and the obligation to take part in at least 4 legs. The jumpsuits are STAND 21 and the price 850 euros each.

Calendar 2011

 Leg 1  Brasov Rally  08 - 09 aprilie  C.S. AUTOBLIC  On road
 Leg 2  Mures Rally  06 - 07 may  C.S. AMC RACING  On road
 Leg 3  Cluj Rally  28 - 29 may  C.S. SAVU RACING  On road
 Leg 4  Arges Rally  17 - 18 june  C.S. HATTERS  On road
 Leg 5  Sibiu Rally  08 - 09 july  C.S. SCORPION RALLY TEAM  macadam
 Leg 6  Arad Rally  05 – 06 august  C.S. AMC RACING  macadam
 Leg 7  Tara Barsei Rally  02-03septembre  C.S. AUTOBLIC  macadam
 Leg 8  Iasi Rally  23-24 september  A.C.S MOTORSPORT IASI  macadam
 Leg 9  Bacau Rally *  14-15 octobre  A.C.S. RALLY SPIRIT   macadam

*The area is to be checked 6 months before the race
** Possible substitute: Timisoara Rally 

The Crews of Dacia Cup 2011

Viorel Ivan/ Dumitru Gheorghe
Bogdan Năstase/ Alex Popidan
Doru Mihuț/tba
Bogdan Stanoiev/Călin Maier
Spartacus Popa/Horațiu Baltador
Alex Krepelka/tba
Bogdan Ușurelu/Dragos Dascălu
Octavian Târnoveanu/ Răzvan Hulea
Augustin Mihalache/Adi Prodanciu
Florin Tincescu/ Dănuț Hațegan
Simone Tempestini/Lucio Baggio
Adrian Drăgan/Valentin Brădățeanu
Cosmin Vidican/Bianca Szekely
Cristian Angheluță/Dan Ciornohuz
Cosmin Cocean/Sorin Colceriu
Lucian Sauciuc/Diadem Atodiresei
Sebastian Gioarsă/Dan Feurdean
Nicușor Marian/Mariah Orha
Radu Bădina/Florin Hangu
Radu Pricop/Mirce Ghiță
Mihai Cornea/tba
Sorin Telehoi/Alexandra Telehoi