Dacia delivered 320 commercial vehicles to Romtelecom

Automobile Dacia concluded with Romtelecom a contract whose object is the delivery of 320 commercial vehicles. The fleet contracted by Romtelecom is made up entirely by Logan Vans and they are to be used by the technical teams of the telecommunication company.

The cooperation between Dacia and Romtelecom is an example of successful partnership between 2 companies that are leaders in their activity field. With a car fleet made up of more than 1,000 Dacia commercial cars, Romtelecom is Dacia’s most important client for this car segment.

The 320 Logan Vans, Pack Confort version, are equipped by 1.5 dCi HP engine, benefiting from excellent dynamic performances and from extremely competitive fuel consumption. “Last but not least, our option for Dacia is justified by the reliability of its products, by the competitive maintenance costs and by the fact that it has the largest garage network in the country, aspects which are extremely important for the performance of our technical teams that are to use these cars” declared Wolfgang Breuer, executive and operating director Romtelecom. The company announced a few months ago that they were to increase the company’s branches by 300, up to 1,500, after a reorganization process meant to increase efficiency. Within this process, the branches were also supposed to get new vehicles with the help of which their services should improve.

“Romtelecom is Dacia’s most important client in terms of commercial vehicles. We are honored by the trust Romtelecom shows in our products and services in general and, in particular, of the commercial vehicle range”, declared Fabrice Cambolive, commercial director Dacia.