Dacia Duster is the official car of the "George Enescu" International Festival

Dacia Duster is the official car of the “George Enescu” International Festival, the XXth edition. Dacia Duster 4x4 vehicles fleet having a top equipping to transport the personalities taking part to such event organized between 1st and 25th of September 2011, in Bucharest. Such a vehicle will be also at the disposal of Ioan Holander, the director of the festival, during his movement in Romania in order to organize the event.  The association of Dacia with the prestigious cultural event organized by the Romanian Government – Ministry of Culture and National Heritage represents a premiere.

“The «George Enescu» Festival is one of the strongest brand of Romania. It promotes not only the opera of the greatest Romanian composer, inspired by the Romanian folklore and influenced by the French music tradition, but also the whole cultural activity in the country. Dacia is honored to be associated with such a great event. Through their international vocation, both are brands that Romanians can be proud of, as they successfully contribute to the outlining of another perspective about Romania”, said Jèrôme Olive, the general manager of Automobile Dacia and Renault Group in Romania.

“We want, starting with this anniversary edition, to bring as many autochthonous brands to join us. The «George Enescu» Festivalis an exceptional opportunity to show the world what values exist in Romania, and also to allow Romanians to meet international values. The presence of our most important brand, Dacia, together with other strong autochthonous partners, is another proof that our festival is uniting what is representative in our time – creativity, adaptability and competitive spirit" said the director of the «George Enescu» International Festival, Ioan Holender (photo).

Dacia has a tradition in associating with the most important cultural events in Romania, being for the last 6 years the partner of the Gopo Prizes and of the «Gaudeamus» Book Fair. Dacia Duster, promoted in March 2010 in the occasion of the Geneva Motor Shaw, received the Autobest 2011 prize, and was chosen the “Year Car of 2011” In Romania and Croatia and rewarded with the “Argus Prize” in France, fir the family vehicles category.