Dacia Duster "rediscovered" Dobrogea and the Danube Delta

  • The fourth stage of the campaign called „Redescopera Romania” (Rediscover Romania) ended on Saturday, 20th of August. The five Dacia Duster came back in Bucharest after a journey lasting one week in the region of Dobrogea and of the Danube Delta. The cars travelled a total of over 12 000 de kilometers, having as pilots some of the most well-known Romanian bloggers, driven in the adventure initiated by Petrom.

    By the materials spread during the last week, the „Redescopera Romania” campaign proposed to bring back in the public attention the oldest region of the country. In the Muntii Macinului National Park, Dobrogea hides one of the few natural reservations in Europe, that is representative for the steppe vegetation specific to the Balkan-Pontic space. The ruins of the ancient citadels in Dobrogea and their stories captivated the bloggers that participated in this stage. Capidava, Histria, Enisala, Argamum are only some of the objectives visited by them on this occasion. In Tulcea, the „Redescopera” teams made a stop at the Aquarium, but also at the Historical and Archaeological Museum. 

    The last stage of the „Redescopera Romania” campaign of this year will take place at the end of the month of October. Until at present, the Dacia Duster fleet involved in the project travelled over 40 000 km.