Dacia Duster started in the fourth Rediscover Romania adventure

  • The fourth stage of the „Redescopera Romania” campaign started on Sunday, 14th of August. Five Dacia Duster will be driven for a week through the land of Dobrogea, up near the Danube Delta. Twenty bloggers chose to participate in this stage, they following to „rediscover” every of the seven days an objective that is important from the historical and cultural points of view, in order to include it on the virtual map of the project.

    Being in the vicinity of the Black Sea and of the Danube Delta, the land of Dobrogea is a territory loaded with history, a space of biological diversity, but also a kaleidoscope of ethnical minorities. The participants in the fourth stage of „Redescopera Romania” will have the occasion to explore all these aspects and to share with readers what are the places that deserve to be reminded in case of a trip in the old „Dacia Pontica”.

    During the first days of the journey, the five Dacia Duster will take the „explorers” to Adamclisi, to see Tropaeum Traiani, the ruins of the byzantine site called Pacuiu lui Soare, probably the first christian orthodox mitropoly in Romania, and the Dervent Monastery. They will not by-pass the archaeological site from Capidava, Valul lui Traian or the Limestone Church, carved in a hill of limestone near the quarry in the commune with the same name.

    On their way to Tulcea, the teams will also visit the citadels of Histria, Enisala and Libida. These will be followed by a short pause in the village of Bas Punar (Fantana Mare), inhabited mostly by a population of Turkish origin, to observe the specific habits of this culture. Two days were reserved for the „rediscovery” of the Danube Delta, probably much too less for the passionate photographers present in this stage. At the end, the participants will visit the commune Turcoaia and the lake with the same name, the towns Tulcea, Macin and Braila, where they will admire the old Water Tower in the Public Garden.

    An element of novelty that this stage of the project comes with is the iPad-specific application, Redescopera Romania being the first Romanian campaign for which a dedicated iPad application was developed.