Dacia Duster takes the road to Banat in the fifth stage of Redescopera Romania

Five Dacia Duster cars were prepared to perform a new stage in the „Redescoperă România” (Rediscover Romania) campaign, the last of them performed during the year 2011. For five days (26-30th of November), they will be driven by Bobby Voicu, Doru Panaitescu, Adrian Mihălţianu, Răzvan Baciu and Augustin Radu, in an expedition that proposes to „rediscover” the most significant places, monuments and traditions in the Banat area.

The fifth trip of the campaign in 2011 begins at Clisura Dunării and ends to Sâmbăta de Sus, in Făgăraş. The cars will travel at least 1000 km each during this stage, passing through plain areas, but also in mountain regions. At the end of the trip, they will have a prolonged stop at Sâmbăta de Sus, where Petrom will welcome all the participants in the stages of Redescoperă România of this year, within an event that will mark the end of the 2011 „season” of the project.

The participants in the last stage of the campaign will have the occasion to „rediscover” natural parks and reservations, protected bird and plant species (Clisura Cazanelor, Porţile de Fier), historical monuments (Traian's Bridge from Drobeta Turnu-Severin or the Theater in Oraviţa, the oldest theater in the country) or old cult buildings (The Roman-Catholic Church in the village Brebu Nou, the Sf. Mihail Church from Cisnădioara, the Brancoveanu building foundation in Sămbăta de Sus). In this travel, also, there will not be forgotten the citadels on the territory of Romania that resisted the times: Arad Citadel, Calnic Citadel, Făgăraş Citadel. On the expedition map there are also registered Cramele Recaş (Recaş Wine Cellars) and the Astra Museum in Sibiu, inaugurated in 1905.