Dacia employers and their families visit the factories with a small train

At the end of the month of June 2011, Dacia inaugurated an unhackneyed visiting modality in Romania and in the Renault Group: a visiting small train intended mainly to employees and to their families. The train is composed of an electric vehicle and a light wagon with a capacity of 17 places (out of which one belongs to the group attendant). The complete route of a visit by the small train takes two hours and the visitors take benefit of an audio guide with information about every department.

The visit begins in the department of Pressing, Car Body and General Mounting (activity areas in the perimeter of Uzina Vehicule Dacia) and continues to Vehicle Shippings (Central Logistics Department) and to Uzina Mecanica şi Şasiuri Dacia (Engines, TL Gearboxes, Welding/Pressing/Chassis, Aluminum).

This approach is a part of the internal communication plan of the company.

Why a small train?

Along with the release of the Logan model, in June 2004, the Dacia factory in Mioveni raised an immense interest to open its gates. Many of the Dacia employees expressed their desire to also visit the other departments besides the ones where they perform their activities. At the same time, there was also requested the organization of some "open gates"-type operations, within which the families of the Dacia employees as well can have access in the factories. The appearance of the small train allows the company to respond in an efficient and safe mode to the constant requests of visits. Thus, a visit by train offers the visitors the occasion to see how a car is built, from the steel plate and steel plate parts processing, to their welding, up to the mounting of the body, engine, gearbox, windscreen, bonnet, wirings, of seats, of steering wheel and of headlights.

During the last eight years, over 14 000 persons have visited the factory.

 A program adapted to the demand

The visits by train are performed by the following schedule: 9:15-11:15, 12:30-14:30, 15:30-17:30, 18:00-20:00. The employees thay want it, may register and may register their family members with the specially appointed persons in every department of the factories.

The youngest visitor is 10 years old

The figures recorded from the small train launching demonstrated it was a successful idea. From the launching of the small train operation, at the end of June, and until mid-October, over 1200 persons visited the Dacia factories by train, out of which almost 1000 persons are employees and members of their families. The youngest visitor is 10 years old and the oldest is 83 years old.

Safe and ecological

Before the small train existence, visits at Dacia were organized on foot. Visitors were equipped with special protection shoes and instructed to observe the security regulations, so as visits would be performed under good conditions. The appearance of the small train increased the comfort and the security degree of visitors. The speed limitation, of 5km/h, allows a good visibility of the visited departments and the passengers are safe.

The electrical solution for the small train comes into coherence with the efforts made by the company for environmental protection. Dacia already uses this type of electric vehicles on the platform, for logistical purposes, for the towing of rolling bases that transport different components between the departments.

Recently, the Dacia factories were ISO 14001 recertified.