Dacia, a European Company - A Program Destined for Romanian Universities

Dacia has turned into an international car constructor. Its modernisation is based upon a new organisational structure, new trades and a new company culture. In order to share this experience with Romanian students, the company has devised a program called "Dacia, a European Company", which shall be presented at the Polytechnic University on December 7 and at the Academy of Economic Studies on December 15.

With the success of the Logan, Dacia confirms its role as an international-level car constructor. The X90 program has raised high stakes throughout Romania. Thanks to Dacia, Romania is amongst the world players in the car producing field. Dacia is equally a strong factor of image and notoriety, an example of foreign investment linked to a successful instance of industrial restructuring.
Human resources have been one of the key factors contributing to Dacia`s success. That is why the company is willing to share its experience with students today, by offering them one day of original information on Dacia.

"Dacia, a European Company" describes the way in which Dacia operates by the pattern of international companies. On this occasion, students will discover a wide array of trades associated with these companies, as well as the professional opportunities that they stand for.

Informing the Students Based on Concrete Examples
The "Dacia, a European Company" program was launched at Pitesti in April 2005 and witnessed a tremendous success. That is how Dacia wanted to prove its attachment to the region signifying both the historical center and the nucleus of its industrial activity.

The program includes seminars on the specific features, organisation and operating manner of a modern company. Alongside this, such seminars are accompanied by a contest called "Challenge Dacia". This program will be attended by 200 students of faculties from the Polytechnic University (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Transports, Computer Science, Automatics) and the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest (Economic Studies in Foreign Languages, Commerce, Accounting and Administrative Data Processing).
During the interactive seminars, Dacia managers will describe their respective sectors of activity. Topics will include: vehicle engineering, mechanics, financial, commercial, marketing and human resources. Upon completion, each student will receive a seminar participation certificate.

Encouraging Teamwork and the Innovative Spirit
The students attending the seminar may also participate in the "Challenge Dacia" contest, which shall be presented at the end of the day. This will come as a great opportunity for students to prove their creativity, spirit of initiative, as well as their teamwork abilities. They will be divided into groups of three and shall devise a public relations project.

Dacia will select five finalist groups for each university from the submitted projects. The winners will be designated by a jury consisting of representatives of Dacia and of the two universities.

For each university, the prizes will reward the best projects, as follows:
1st prize: "Three days at Renault in Paris"
2nd prize: "Three days at Dacia"
3rd prize: "One day at Dacia"

The award ceremony will be held in Bucharest on January 19, 2006, where each winner will receive a "Challenge Dacia" diploma.
Subsequently, Dacia will replicate the "Dacia, a European Company" in other Romanian universities, as well.

Scheduling of Seminars
Wednesday, December 7, from 8h30 to 17h00 - Polytechnic University
Thursday, December 15, from 8h30 to 17h00 - Academy of Economic Studies