The Dacia Logan fans reunited in Mioveni

  • The members of the Logan clubs were reunited once again in Mioveni, between the 24th and 25th of june, on the occasion of the Logan Club Arges Regional 2011.

    A part of the Logan fans came in the Dacia city since Friday specially to take part to a visit in the factory, on the Dacia platform in Mioveni. Forty persons holding Dacia Logan, from Bucharest, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Campulung Muscel and Mioveni, visited the General Assembling Department and saw by their own eyes how the most popular model from the Dacia scale, Logan, is produced. They were very curious to find out details about the production of Dacia Vehicle Factory, to see the working teams producing Dacia cars, the way the activity on the platform in Mioveni is organized, the development of the scale.

    On Saturday, the participants to the reunion proved their abilities in driving and organized a speed competition. The competitors competed with each other on the way between Gate 2 and Gate 3 of the Dacia factory.

    The winners of the three categories of the competition were as follows:

    CLASS 1400 CMC

    1. Teican Dan - Bucharest
    2. Gusatu Andrei - Mioveni
    3. Fratoiu Florin - Pitesti

    CLASS 1600 CMC

    1. Roscan Catalin - Bucharest
    2. Melciu Alexandru - Mioveni
    3. Necula Marius - Mioveni


    1. Stancescu Ionut - Pitesti
    2. Jianu Viorel - Pitesti
    3. Marculescu Liviu - Bucharest

    The winners of the competition received prizes from the organizers and the action partners – The City Hall of  Mioveni Municipality, Automobile Dacia, Logan Club Mioveni, Logan Club Pitesti and the Sprint Club Sports Association in Pitesti.