Dacia Logan, second place in the "Legends on Wheels" standings for the 2000 - 2010 period

On the occasion of the Frankfurt Motor Show there were announced the final standings of the „Legends on Wheels” competition, organized by Automotive News Europe and MSX International.

The competition, that took place online, included 14 sections, evey one covering one stage of the automobile history. The standings for every period was accomplished following the votes of over 100,000 participants, that had to choose between 10 models preselected by a group of specialists in the auto field.

Dacia Logan classified on the second place in the top of the models that marked the first decade of the 21st century. In the standings for the years 2000 – 2010, Dacia Logan was overtook only by Mercedes Benz SLS while the third place was occupied by the Tesla Roadster electric model.

Released on the market in the year 2004, Dacia Logan revolutionized the auto market, by offering a price / supplies / interior space ratio without comparison. Available at the beginning in a single body version, with two motorizations on gas, Dacia Logan gave birth to a real family of models, that comprises, together with the tri-body sedan, one break, a van and a pick-up.

Along the years, the model was remarked as a real exporting success, being traded in 46 countries in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East, but also on some markets in America and the area of the Indian or Pacific Oceans. At the same time, Dacia Logan has been, for eight years in succession, the most sold model on the auto market in Romania.