Dacia Moulds: the Only Entity in the Renault Group that Produces Press Machinery

  • The manufacturing process for a motor car begins with the transforming of the metal plates in body pieces. In order to transform the metal plate in mudguards or hoods, there are used moulds installed in the press department of the vehicle factories. But where do moulds come from? For a part of the vehicles produced by the Renault – Nissan Alliance, from Dacia Moulds.

    On the 20th of July 2011, at Piteşti, there took place the official inauguration of Dacia Moulds, the only entity that produces press machinery in the entire Renault Group. 

    Since 2007 until now, in Dacia Moulds there were invested 30 million Euros in order to increase its capacity by 7 times. Thus, the money was used for the increase by 60% of the surface of the workshops, for the purchase of cutting-edge equipments, for the rearrangement of the production flow and for the training of the employees. At a worldwide level, Dacia Moulds has become one of the best endowed companies that manufacture moulds. In Romania, it owns the only press of 2400 tons-force in the country.

    „Dacia can be proud of the fact that among its branches it has the only entity in the Renault Group that designs and manufactures press machinery, its clients being the factories in the Renault – Nissan Alliance. Dacia Moulds completes the array of competences necessary to a motor car builder, from the design of the products and processes specific to the motor car industry, from engineering to the accomplishment of machinery, manufacture of vehicles and their sale,” declared Jérôme Olive, General Director, Automobile Dacia.

    „The employees in Moulds have as their mission to design the manufacture processes, to accomplish the preliminary surveys, but also the installations and their finishing with the help of the presses. They also ensure the putting into service of the machinery in factories. We started in 2007 from an existing structure at Dacia and we have succeeded, by investments and internal trainings of the employees, within the Alliance, in evolving and passing from the manufacture of structure pieces, less demanding, to appearance pieces (for example door panels of mudguards), that are more difficult to accomplish and for which quality must be increased”, said Mostafa El-Mouatassim, General Director, Dacia Moulds.

    The factories in Romania, Morocco, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Argentina, Brazil, France and Spain have already been endowed with machinery designed at Dacia Moulds. The turnover of Dacia Moulds was of over 7.5 million Euros in 2010, and the exports represent 90 % out of it. 

    Dacia Moulds in figures:
    - over 17 000 m2 in surface
    - 9 000 m2 built for workshops
    - 222 employees
    - 98% of the employees are Romanian

    To see video Matrite Dacia click here.