Dacia – official car “The European Nature Trust”

  • Since last August, Dacia is the official car of “The European Nature Trust”. 2 Duster cars 1.5 dCi 4x4, provided by the carmaker, shall be used by the foundation teams within their protection and preservation programs of natural areas in the Carpathians.

    The beauty and cultural richness of the Carpathian region is part of our national heritage, which shall be passed on to future generations. The natural area where The European Nature Trust carries out its projects is difficult to reach. Either surveillance or rehabilitation works of the ecosystem are needed there. Duster is the car suitable for regions with difficult road access. We hope to be able to safeguard some of Romania’s natural richness”, stated Anca Oreviceanu, Communications Director Dacia and Renault Group Romania.

    The European Nature Trust
    Part of the Central European mountain system, the Carpathian mountain chain has a unique, but fragile ecosystem. The foundation The European Nature Trust supports the preservation and restoration of deteriorated savage areas and habitats in Europe. Among its projects, in Romania, the foundation shall launch an educational school program on environmental protection and preservation and, worldwide, the foundation shall launch an educational game, i.e. “Forever wild”, on Facebook. Moreover, the foundation coordinates, in partnership with a Romanian NGO, a long shot project having as goal the making of one of the largest protected forest area in Europe: “Europe’s Yellowstone”.

    In 2010, The European Nature Trust co financed the production of the documentary Wild Carpathia, a video on the extraordinary beauty of the Carpathian mountains in Transylvania.
    The documentary’s goal was to provide more info on the environmental problems in the region, underline the beauty of the area and encourage ecotourism. Currently 2 other documentaries are being produced: Wild Carpathia II and III.