Dacia with "Scent of a Book" at Gaudeamus

  • Dacia continues in 2014 its partnership with Gaudeamus International Fair and prepares several events and activities at its dedicated stall at Romexpo - Central Pavilion between 19-23 November 2014.

    While reading is primarily related to sight, for many readers it is also related to smell. This connection lies at the core of this year's concept of Dacia's presence at Gaudeamus. The campaign’s idea came from the readers' ritual of smelling the books as soon as they open them. Moreover, the stories we read carry us to various strong fragrances which we feel when seeing certain titles. Such associations between books and perfumes exist regardless of their support. Audiobooks, printed books, e-books, all may become fragrant versions of the stories within.

    “Moby Dick” and the smell of the ocean, Chekhov with the flavour of ripe sour cherries in “The Cherry Orchard” or the cinnamon in “A Christmas Tale” are just a few examples which led to the core idea -“Scent of a Book”. In addition to various activities for children, book launches or autograph sessions at the Dacia stall, visitors will have the opportunity to test various fragrances inspired from reading, and to take home car air fresheners reminding them of their favourite books. Each air freshener will have a link to download five audiobooks. That is to say, the books you will be able to listen to and smell while driving.

    This year the book fair organisers prepare a tombola for all participants, with the big prize being a car offered by Dacia - a Logan 10 years, limited edition.

    In addition on Dacia's facebook page, in the "Scent of a Book = Readers Profile", readers may create, register and vote their fragrances until 19 November 2014. Prizes consist of the car air fresheners mentioned above and a Kindle.