The Dacia Trophy Reached Iasi

The Dunlop 2011 Rally National Championship and the Dacia Trophy entered the straight line, and the stage final proposes to us two consecutive rounds hosted by Moldova. The first of these is scheduled this week-end and has as its central point the city of Iasi, after which, in only three weeks, there will be the stage that means the final point of the season, representing the moment when Bacau comes back in the domestic calendar. There are two extremely important rounds for the final configuration of hierarchies in the competition of the Dacia Logan 1.6 90 CP competition, as at this moment there is still no certainty with regard to the upper part of the standings in any of them.

Arrived in Iaşi after two victories in a tour, but also from the position of winner in the last year edition, Bogdan Năstase seems to be the favourite of the competition. But, undoubtedly, Viorel Ivan, the current champion, and Sebastian Barbu envisage also a victory that would allow them not only to relaunch the fight for the winning of the Trophy, but the one that designates the best pilot on the… asphaltless tracks. Nevertheless, from the equation of the fight for victory one must not exclude also Florin Tincescu or Octavian Târnovean, pilots that, although being in their first season in the Trophy, demonstrated that they have in their minds not only the rookies'title, but also a classification in the top of the absolute hierarchy of the Dacia cars competition.

At the start of the Trophy competition in this round there are enlisted not less than 14 Dacia Logan 1.6 90 CP vehicles. Along with the already mentioned pilots on the start list we find Adrian Drăgan, Sebastian Gioarsă, Cosmin Cocean, Simone Tempestini, Radu Bădina, but also some names that come back after an absence of one stage (Ioan Mihuț) or more (Lucian Sauciuc, Bogdan Usurelu, Augustin Mihalache).

The track has a configuration similar to that of the last year, the only difference being the greater length of the Râpa Galbenă superspecial, that is driven in the streets of the city. But, if the pilots have to run the same trials as in 2010, the contest surface suffered positive modifications following the collaboration among the organizers and the Iasi Forest Department. Thus, the pilots will have to drive on competitive sections with a very rich vegetation, reminding of those in Japan, such as Tăcuta, but also others that are extremely technical and fast, decisive for the final configuration of the race standings following to be Mădârjac and Sineşti, that are the longest sections.

Iasi Rally Schedule

Friday 23rd of September

11.01 – Start of day 1 – Iasi Town Hall
12.10 – PS1 – Tacuta1 – 9.3 km
12.52 – PS2 – Cioca Boca A1 – 17.8 km
14.50 – PS3 – Tăcuta 2 – 9.3 km
15.32 – PS4 – Cioca Boca A2 – 17.8 km
16.56 – PS5 – Rîpa Galbenă – 2.2 km

Saturday 24th of September

9.31 – Start of day 2 – Iasi Town Hall
10.17 – Cioca Boca B1 – 13.6 km
12.40 – Cioca Boca B2 – 13.6 km
13.38 – Mădîrjac – 26.5 km
15.36 – Sinesti – 19.7 km
16.56 – Arrival of rally – Iasi Town Hall