The duels from the Dacia Trophy move to West!

  • At the start of the Rally of Arad, scheduled on Friday, 5th of August, 17.01 o'clock, there are also 13 teams that use the Logan 1.6 MPI model enlisted in the Dacia Trophy 2011
  • The competition proposes 11 special trials with a length of 124.60 km, representing 25.26% of the total length of the competition's route  

Arad is the host, Friday, 5th of August, and Saturday, 6th of August, of one of the most interesting rally stages in 2011. With a record of enlistments (a total of 95), the Rally of Arad is an official stage both in Romania and in Hungary, so as the competition seems to be more exciting than anytime. Normally, at the start of the competition there had to be present the protagonists of the Dacia Trophy, at the start of the competition of Arad also being 13 teams that use the Logan 1.6 MPI model.  

The competitors in the Trophy took part, on Friday, from 8 o'clock, in the Shakedown scheduled in Frumuseni, while the first competitive section, the superspecial one, is scheduled begnning from 17:31 o'clock, on the VIK Power Karting Circuit in Arad, where, only a few hours apart, there will also be a competition in the third stage of the Supermoto European Championship. In a great measure the route will be the same (a supermoto circuit is composed of 70% asphalt and 30% an area ressembling to a motocross route), being excluded only the jumps specific to moto competitions. The total length of the superspecial section's route from Arad is of 2 km. And if we mentioned the route, let's say there is another modification compared to last year, the last special trial of the „Small Loop” (that ressembled to an airport) being replaced with another, much more technical and spectacular, that will inaugurate the day of Saturday.  

Viorel Ivan, the new leader of the Trophy, comes to Arad with the declared desire to defense his position and to repeat the success of 2010. His task, though, is not an easy one. Nastase is a specialist of the macadam and has the ambition to revenge the abandon from Sibiu (that happened at a moment when he was on the first place), and also the one that happened last year, here, at the end of the longest jump in the 2010 season. Another worthy enemy for Ivan, the last year's champion, is Sebastian Barbu. He is in an excellent shape, also proved by the success in Sibiu, when he substantially decreased the distance that separated him from the first position (he is currently on the 4th place and has a handicap of 12.5 points from Ivan).  

Also to be followed are the performances of Florinel Tincescu and Octavian Tarnovean, those that fight for supremacy in the competition of the rookies, occupying, at the same time, honouring positions in the overall standings of the Trophy (positions 3 and 5). At the same time, in the fight for the first positions there are expected to be involved Adrian Dragan, Spartacus Popa, or the ”young wolves” Gioarsa and Cornea, as well, that have already had good performances during the previous rounds that allowed them to climb to superior positions in the stage standings.

Rally of Arad 2011

  • Surface: macadam
  • Total length of rally: 493.20 km
  • Length of special trials: 124.60 km
  • Number of special trials: 11
  • Percentage of special trials in the total route: 25.26%
  • The longest special trial: “Crinti” (PS6, PS7) - 17.00 km
  • The shortest special trial: “Superspeciala” (PS1) - 2.50 km