Duster 4x4 Everyone on the Podium at Curtea de Arges

  • Stelian Gantoi (driver) and Maria Dumitrache (co-driver) got on the podium, a first for the Duster 4x4 Everyone that took part in the Curtea de Arges leg, within the National Off-road Championship (from the 26th up to the 29th of July). They secured the 3rd position whereas the team Duster 4x4 Everyone: Mihai Adrian Petcu (driver) and Lucian Nistor (co-driver) got the 5th position, with a feeble score difference from the podium.

    14 teams took part in the competition in the STADARD category, on a 79 km distance the 1st day and 75 km distance on the 2nd day. According to the statements made by the Duster 4x4 teams, the first day was only for warming up, with a route that did not really put pressure on the car and a really clear road book. However, the 2nd day everything changed: a muddy road and a road book that had everybody go astray. The test was tough, and Stelian Gantoi and
    Maria Dumitrache did their best in order not to quit the race.

    The teams benefited from the support of Renault Group Romania and of some other partners:
    Bosch, WARN and Pick-up.ro (off-road accessory suppliers). Catalin Petrescu and Ionut Habuc provided the technical assistance. Duster Club members encouraged the Duster 4x4 Everyone competitors.

    The podium for Curtea de Arges leg

    1. Caloianu Valentin (driver) / Furtuna Costin (co-driver) – Mitsubishi Pajero
    2. Radu Serbanescu (driver) / Vrabie Stefan (co-driver) – Mitsubishi Pajero
    3. Stelian Gantoi (driver) / Maria Dumitrache (co-driver) – Dacia Duster

    Click here to watch the Duster 4x4 everyone team perform – VIDEO