Focus on rookies in the Rally of Tara Barsei

On Friday, 2nd of September, at 17.00 o'clock, in the parking of Baneasa Shopping City, there started the Rally of Țara Barsei, the seventh stage of the Dacia Trophy 2011, a rally that is announced to be spectacular by the duel of the rookies. Bogdan Nastase is the leader of the overall standings, while Octavian Tirnovean is on the second place in the overall anzd a leader in the standings of the rookies. The new entry of this stage is the team composed of Lucian Garbacea jr./Sorin Colceriu.

As in the last season, the Rally of Tara Barsei starts with the superspecial section in Bucharest, following that on the 3rd of September the competitors would run the seven special trials in the Sacele – Predeal – Azuga area.

Bogdan Nastase is the current leader of the Dacia Trophy having an advance of 16.5 points in front of Octavian Tirnovean, who, at his age on only 19, fights to stand in the top three at the end of the season. The guy from Sibiu is the leader in the standings of the rookies where he has nine points in advance in front of Florin Tincescu, a high school guy who cuts a dash in special trials. Besides, the fight between the two of them will be the center of attention in the Rally of Țara Barsei, Florin having to fight back after he was forced to abandon at Arad. In addition, Simone Tempestini (16 years old) is the man that may create surprises proving in the previous stage that he can finish on the podium. The fight for podium between the rookies will be more interesting as at the start of this stage also came Lucian Garbacea jr., an extremely talented pilot that had his first contact with Dacia Logan, prepared for the trophy, in 2010. Back then, Lucian was invited by George Grigorescu to drive one of the forlighter cars in the Rally of Țara Barsei and thus the former motocross pilot was stimulated to come back to competitions. This rally is the first that Lucian Garbacea drives within the Dacia Trophy, but he competed in other rallies during the 2009 season 2009.  

The Rally of Tara Barsei Program 

Friday, 2nd of September

PS 1 – Baneasa Rally Show 17:21

Saturday, 3rd of September

PS 2 – Azuga – Predeal (1) 10:12
PS 3 – Azuga – Susai Chalet (1) 10:55
PS 4 – Sacele – Azuga (1) 12:35
PS 5 – Azuga – Susai Chalet (2) 13:10
PS 6  - Azuga – Predeal (2) 15:32
PS 7  - Azuga – Susai Chalet (3) 16:15
PS 8 – Sacele – Azuga (2) 17:55
Arrival in the rally in Brasov - 19:31

Overall standings in the Dacia Trophy 2011 (6/9 stages)

1. Bogdan Nastase 92,5p
2. Octavian Tirnovean 76p
3. Sebastian Barbu 75p
4. Viorel Ivan 72,5p
5. Florin Tincescu 62p
6. Adrian Dragan 48,5p
7. Bogdan Cornea 39p
8. Sebastian Gioarsa 37p
9. Spartacus Popa 27p
10. Simone Tempestini 25p