Let's Do It : Dacia supports the "cleaning in the whole country"

For the second year consecutively, Dacia gives a hand to the organizers of « Let's do it, Romania ». On the 24th of September, four motor coaches will transport the volunteers enrolled in this action on the tracks that will cover the vicinity of the town of Mioveni and other localities in the county.

More than 200 volunteers transported by the Dacia motor coaches will be able to contribute, this way, to the cleaning campaign initiated by the Lets Do It, Romania! team, that is coordinated, at county level, by the Argeş Group for Education and Ecology. The tracks covered by these volunteers, students of the Economic College and of the Zinca Golescu College from Piteşti and of the high schools from Mioveni, will be:

- Piteşti - Zărneşti - Bradetu - Poienile Vâlsanului
- Piteşti - Câmpulung - Lereşti - Râuşor Storage Lake - Voina Chalet
- Piteşti - Căteasca
- Făget Quarter, Colibaşi Izlaz Quarter, Pleaşa - stadium, Râul Târgului Bridge, Podul de Fier, Bemo Bridge, Getica Bridge, Racoviţă Quarter, ICN Platform, SCN Platform, Gen. Lăcătuşu St..

On the 25th of September, a collection vehicle also made available by Dacia will transport the collected waste at the deposit place in Albota.

Last year, in the Arges county there took part in the cleaning of the 25th of September 2010 around 11,000 volunteers and there were gathered 18,641 sacks of waste.

Dacia is one of the constant partners of the ecologization operations or of those who try to make people sensible in relation to the environment protection. As a matter of fact, the collaboration in a perfect transparence with the administration and the interested parties is one of the center lines of the company's environmental policies. During the period 2000-2010, Dacia invested almost 21.7 million Euros in environmental protection, in projects for the treatment of waste water, residues, air, but also in the soil protection and in the well-balanced use of natural resources.