May 22, 2011: the Dacia community’s annual get-together!

Dacia has extended an invitation to customers to attend the third edition of what has become its annual ‘Grand Pique-Nique’. The date of this year’s event is Sunday, May 22, 2011. Building on the success encountered by the 2010 Dacia Picnic, which attracted more than 7,500 participants at two venues, three locations have been selected in different parts of France this time round: Monampteuil (northwest of Paris), Lissac sur Couze (in the country’s centre-west) and Oraison (in the southern French Alps).

The programme of the third annual Dacia Picnic has been tailored to place the accent on a friendly, festive atmosphere for all the family, with a long list of free activities, including canoeing, pedal boats and bouncy castles, etc. Off-road driving experiences will also be organised starring Dacia Duster.

In addition to revolutionising the automobile world, Dacia has also become a social phenomenon. Dacia owners take pleasure in sharing their experiences with their pairs and are extremely active on internet blogs and forums. They exchange information on the web practically twice as frequently as owners of other car brands. Over the years, these discussion groups have given rise to a genuine Dacia community. Word of mouth consequently plays twice as much in favour of Dacia than the market average. The annual Dacia Picnic offers this community an ideal opportunity to get together and meet each other face to face on an event that shares their values, namely simplicity and conviviality.

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